Dont text and drive

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  2. holy shit that hit was huge
  3. holy #$%#ing shit.
  4. ta

    that's a flawless victory right there
  5. Texting a driving makes me mad but what really drives me insane is when i see somebody on facebook while driving
  6. Jesus christ it made it looks like it was held together by ducktape
  7. made in the usa

    but wait, how do we know he was texting?
  8. One of my police buddies sent me it. I assume it's legit.

    I did add that he died. I mean I don't know for sure if the driver actually died but it's probably a safe assumption to think so.
  9. Any pictures of what was left of the car?
  10. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, unless he was the responding officer.
  11. when it comes to driving in snow, the slightest bit of inattention an produce a result like that. a big gust of wind at the right moment could potentially cause that, so the fact that someone actually chose to intentionally distract themselves in those conditions is pretty baffling.
  12. I was told it was an undercover dash cam.

    But ya not sure how accurate it is. Either way. Damn
  13. the majority of drivers have NO idea how different a car can handle when it's anything other than dry. the number of people i see driving around on snow at the same speed as they would when it's dry genuinely worries me.

    tl;dr: people are retarded
  14. this is correct, the majority of people are retarded
  16. I hope the truck driver lived through that.

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