Don't threaten the President

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  2. I stole 19 Kerry signs from peoples front yards, and later there were cops crusing my neighborhood! Jeez damn liberals always complaining!
  3. Around my area, most of the Kerry signs were cut up.
  4. EEEK!
  5. we played a prank on my friend and put all those kerry signs in his yard. That is the final number of signs in the truck! and that is me wearing a womens face mask
  6. I'm reporting you to the bureau.
  7. I don't see any point to stealing signs, or cutting them up from front yards. I'm guessing it makes you feel better about yourself, or makes you feel you've somehow contributed to something.
  8. Haha. I should steal Kerry signs.
  9. Can they put you in the archives for having an opinion, sounds fascistic to me.
  10. it makes them feel like big men.
  11. I see bush signs destoryed, bumperstickers scratched off, etc. And Im in a conservative state/county.
  12. Any threat to the President, joke or not, is investigated by the Secret Service and/or FBI. My father is a police lieutenant in a town here in Westchester County, NY, and has had to deal with said agencies due to these threats even if there is really no substance to them. Also, Bill and Hill live in Chappaqua which is the next town over so that just complicates matters. Bill went to the center of the village my father works in for coffee and a bite to eat and was walking down the sidewalk surrounded by Secret Service earlier this week. They take that stuff very seriously. Even if you can't stand the President, it is not really a joking matter.
  13. Did she threaten them, or just showed crude opinions and insults to him?
  14. It's pretty stupid to steal/cut up signs. You've got to be a dick to censor someone like that.
  15. Exactly and its not only for Bush, they do this for every President
  16. No, the user obviously made a threat against President Bush. It's a crime to make death threats against anyone, and when it's against the President, it's the Secret Service's job to deal with it.
  17. "I will, however, apologize when I say something wrong way and for unintentionally offending/threatening someone." But she said she does it on purpose, #$%# her.

    Like I was telling a couple dipshits on here, you might think its harmless to say something threatening towards the president but all it takes is one reader to email the SS and they can put your balls in a sling.
  18. Its easy to fabricate a threat from no material evidence whatsoever even. If you have photoshop and can talk well you could probably get someone federally fuct at will.
  19. You may very well be the biggest retard on this site. The only people that compete with your ignorance are bbcmustach and that 2fast4guy.

    Edit: I forgot Silvio.
  20. Wow... you really are a piece of shit...
  21. Wow... you really are a piece of shit...
  22. It's not fair that he have two chins when some people don't even have the one.
  23. Isn't that classified as theft? You can't exactly be surprised...
  24. I think stealing or breaking those kinds of signs is a crime in itself.
  25. Wether you steal/break/destroy Bush or Kerry signs/bumperstickers/whatever, you're an idiot who is demeaning what this country is all about.

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