Don't threaten the President

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jadotch, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. I love your elections its like a grand final bar gets more TV covrage than most.
    Are elections last a day and are lame as, plus JH won.
  2. i hope that means you turned the plate in <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. Around the Fort Bragg area someone was stealing Bush signs. The guy was arrested.
  4. What are you talking about? That is totally American. America is full of jealous, idiotic, retarded people who try to prove their point by doing stupid stuff, including vandalism, threats, and other crimes.

    America is #$%#ing stupid when it comes to a fair game.
  5. Because you have personally interacted with every single person living in the US. Shut up.
  6. No, but the majority.
  7. No, you haven't interacted with the majority of the US either. Once again, shut up.
  8. It's theft, which would be considered "Petty Larceny", which in the state of California can be punishable by jail time. You probably wouldn't get jail, but you would get a pretty good fine and will haunt you on your record for the rest of your life.
  9. Look at the news, shorty. America is king when it comes to crimes to prove a point.
  10. Shorty? What the hell?

    Also, the second sentence didn't make sense either.
  11. The people of America will pull out all stops to prove a point, including cutting up signs, stealing signs, and vandalism.

    Other countries do have protesting, but a lot of the time, they aren't violent, and they can't really match what the American citizens are willing to do.
  12. Other countries don't have violent protesting. They just have soccer riots.
  13. I kill people who vote
  14. shut the hell up already, we know you're full of it like always.
  15.'re totally right....

    The only thing the Taiwanese are willing to do is beat each other senseless with canes or cover each other with food (governing body members)

    The only thing Europeans are willing to do are kill each other over the outcome of a soccer game.

    The only thing the Irish are willing to do is whack people who don't believe in their religion.

    The only thing the Chinese (and Russians) are willing to do is make people "disappear" when they have conflicting political ideas.

    I don't thing its even necessary to mention the whole of the African continent.
  16. Well, I sent the .bmp to Kerry's campaign homepage under the "Contact Us" page.

    I received a canned response persuant to a real one, but am interested to see what they write in response. I don't intend in going to the police directly, because if they aren't willing to take it to task, it isn't my place to do so.
  17. You're retarded no matter what you change your screen name to.
  18. at least you're doing something. props, that guy makes everyone in the US look bad.

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