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    THe S55 has 350-365 hp something like that and on the website it says that 0-60 is 5.7 seconds... well this S63 has 444 hp and the same 0-60 time is posted.. this must be a typo or something right? 85-100 more hp should make some difference unless its substantially heavier
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    This must be a typo. CL63 AMG is reported to be 5.5 and S63 AMG 5.7 seconds.<!-- Signature -->
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    Maybe the weight is the problem.<!-- Signature -->
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    Either that, or the little japanese girl you have pictured. LOL<!-- Signature -->
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    Those are claimed times..times are usually lower when magazines tested it..i've heard that Mercedes test their cars with 2 people and luggage. I estimate the S63's 0-60 time in the low 5s. The 367bhp s600 did 5.4secs.<!-- Signature -->
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    the CL55 being as fast as the S55 (if i'm not mistaking), the S63 and CL63 are faster <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

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