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  1. My classes project was to design a Youth Rehabilitation Camp and my team was in charge of creating the Dorms for the camp. We also had to present it to a jury of several architects and chairman of the CDD program. The requirements of the features of the building itself are:

    house up to 150 teens (ages 13-17) and 15 counselors.
    LEED certified.
    fit within the 3 acre lot given.
  2. Very nice work, but that's much too clean and nice for a "Youth Rehabilitation Camp".

    Where are the cockroach-infested walls and holes in the ground to SH1T in?
  3. Is it in China? Also, looks like you have room for about 600 people.
  4. nope its san antonio. but it has enough rooms for 160 teens and 16 counselors. the building looks huge but its not in reality. most of the space is taken up by the couryard in the center of the building.
  5. it will feature it once its occupied
  6. What program did you use?
  7. we used Revit architecture
  8. When designing a project you should really understand your clients. What you designed is a resort. What kind of funding do they have to build this center? Sometimes you have to be a minimalist due to budget constraints.

    also, does this software go in-depth enough to take into building codes? Your design will need to follow some regulation, unless this is for North Korea.
  9. where are the chains and wall anchors to hold the children in place over night
    there should also be a stage in the center of the courtyard for public discipline

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