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  1. Come on guys; yeah the L88 was a monster race engine, but bolted into a '68 Vette there's no way it'd go 170mph. The thing would become a kite at 130mph! The claimed horsepower of 550-600 is a little optimistic too. Look at the quarter mile time (we really need to know the speed but oh well). Even if you had to walk it off the line to preserve the tires and soft-foot it into second, if it had that much power it'd run mid twelves on street tires easily! With slicks it should run low elevens! I don't doubt that it's a wild ride but these power output and performance claims are another example of the muscle car fables out there. Here are a couple more: 427 Cobra 0-100-0 time of 10 seconds (not gonna happen); 11 second factory cars (427 Fairlane, Hemi mopars, etc. - they run 11's after the engine's been completely gone through, 500lb is chopped out of the chassis, and a full-drag suspension is bolted in). I'm not much of a GM fan (or an American car fan for that matter) but I'd wager a ton of cash that a current 405hp Z06 would blow the doors off of this car in all measures - even with both cars running current high-perf tires.

    But hey, it all makes for good bench racing!
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    The November 99 issue of VETTE Magazine has an article about the L88 and it was clocked at 171.5 mph during the 24 hours at Le Mans race in France. I'm not trying to make you look stupid or anything, I'm just sharing info. I've read.
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    this car would eat the z06 in 1/4 however a road race would be another story.
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    It does 10s with slicks and headers.
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    I am so confused, I thought you needed 50 posts in order to make threads.
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    I like this car.
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    that's great
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    Dude, you really need to read up on things. It doesn't help that you are not much of a fan of American cars either. I have read loads of material on the Corvettes and I know for a fact that the L88 with a good set of headers on it will make 560 hp. You are also missing that the L88 Corvette which Car Life tested in 1969 had only 3.36 rear gears and an automatic transmission, all greatly hampering its performance. If it had 3.55 or 3.70 out back and a 4-speed it would run much faster and 12's and 11's would be no problem, One L88 owner reported never losing a single drag race to anything, including the formidable Cobra 427, and had recorded a best quarter-mile ET of 11.14 at 123 mph. If you wagered a ton of cash on a automatic-equipped L88 Corvette with 3.36 gears against a '04 Corvette Z06 you would win hands down. However, if it was against a 4-speed, 3.55 or 3.70 geared '67-'69 Corvette L88 you would lose every penney you wagered as the L88 would blow the doors off the Z06. Oh and the L88 Car Life tested hit 151 mph however the editors pointed out that the car could have gone faster if pushed to the very edge, but they chose to keep it safe.
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    aparntley they handle like crap and dont like stopping.
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    Why do you say that? Because it's American?
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    my pops has one of these circa 68 with ported heads and headers i believe. with slicks he was running low 11's all day. the cars a monster.
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    No car on 60's street tires will ever run the 1/4mile in the mis 12's.
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    Excuse me, you are wrong. There are three '60s cars, two sports cars and one muscle car, that have run 12's straight from the factory.

    1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - 12.20 @ 118 mph
    1966 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray 427 L72 - 12.80 @ 112 mph
    1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 Six Pack - 12.91 @ 111.8 mph

    All these numbers are from independent tests carried out by car magazines in the '60s, the Shelby by Car Craft, the Chevy by Car & Driver and the Plymouth by Super Stock.

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