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Discussion in '2002 Lotus Esprit V8' started by Janox, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Does anybody know what double clutching is and what it really does? Please only respond if you know exactly what it is or the advantages/disadvantages of it.
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    Double Clutching is when a person depresses the clutch pulls the transmission gearbox out of gear. releases the clutch. Depresses it again then puts the transmission back into gear..

    There is NO racing advantage to using this method and you will never see it being done. UNLESS its a Big-Rig tractor trailer there is no use to double clutch. it will only slow you down, and isn't any easyer on a transmission.

    Contrary to what "the Fast and the Furious" says double clutching is useless in a high performance atmosphere

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    Yep...agreed!! =)
    Quite useless in road racing, but I find it quite useful in Rallying, especially in very low traction areas =)
    Also it's great for major inclines when driving long rallies like Dakar or Baha.

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    thank you
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    Welcome homies =)

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    As far as I know, there is something of an advantage to double is better on the transmission because it gets the transmission shaft spinning so that the gear can engage smoothly. I've noticed less grinding when double clutching, so I do it to save my synchros. Also it's just the sort of thing you do because you can, like heel and toeing.

    Of course you wouldn't double clutch in a race, it takes twice as long, but if you have an old car it could help a little.
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    The only reason that you would double clutch is if you have a transmission that isn't syncronized, you really only find this in old cars and its usually only the first and second gears that arn't syncronized although if the car is really old then none of the gears will probably be syncronized. And in a modern car, why the hell would you bother, it doesn't save your syncros since they are always engaged, double clutching just wastes time and probably helps to burn out your clutch faster. And for the record Fast and Furious was the dumbest movie i have ever seen, they knew nothing about cars, like why the hell did the one guys floorboard fall out, and since when are floor boards bolted into modern cars? Plus everyone knows that that stupid little supra with the crappy orange paint job would be blown away bye a 1000hp charger, stupid hollywood.
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    Ummm...well the 1000hp Charger would kill in Acceleration, but when it comes to handling, the Supra would kill it!!
    Charger not really designed for handling, especially with 1000hp being shoved into the back wheels.

    Umm..well modern car floors are not bolted down, but some racers do have bolted floor. Reason is easier access to whatever you need to get to.

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    <b>Does anybody know what double clutching is and what it really Please only respond if you know exactly what it is or the advantages/disadvantages of it.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

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