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Discussion in '1997 McLaren F1 GT' started by anony, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. So, how do you get more downforce without creating more drag?
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    Ground Effects (under car).<!-- Signature -->
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    Well ground effects do give great down force with very little drag, but this car does not have any additional ground effects. See when you see this car you notice all the little additions to this car over a standard F1. One of the main things about this car is its "longtail." If you keep frontal area the same, but increase the length, drag decreases. The longer back and front end allow the air flow under the car and around the car reattach to eachother. This is why airplanes are so thin, but very long. This car gets more downforce because it has some devices that create some more downforce (the kickups in the rear) and these devices create more drag. But this extra drag is cancelled by the longer tail.<!-- Signature -->
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    It is impossible to get downforce without creating any drag. Unless of course the force is coming directly 90 degrees normal to the ground. You can try to reduce the drag but any extra downforce on a car will always create drag while it is in motion.
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    Exactly to create downforce you do produce drag. But the long tail cancels out the extra drag of the extra downforce. If all the aero devices that create downforce on this car were taken away, except the long tail it would have less drag then the normal F1. It is possible to create more downforce with less drag, the key is lots of wind tunnel time. Each generation of race cars (excluding major rule changes), hasd more downforce with less drag.<!-- Signature -->
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    what's the coefficient drag on it?<!-- Signature -->
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    yo i think this stuff with downforce and ground effects is a little too much....
    i would get some intake on that and put 40 inch tires(thats thick)then go do a little dragracing (i think i would take up the whole road)
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    Yeah well... stick as much drag racing crap as you'd like on this, but it'll always remain the ultimate track vehicle. Modifying this car would not only blurr the car's image to an almost unpleasent level of distortion between the race car we've all come to respect as a superb competitor in the track racing spotlight, but also increase overall weight and aerodynamic drag.<!-- Signature -->

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