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  1. Can anyone tell from just the pics if it looks like this has a lot or little downforce, e.g. compared to the Mclaren F1?
  2. Re: Downforce? really can't tell how much down force this thing really has, if you are wanting hard numbers. However, by looking at a few different areas of the car, you can see what the maker was trying to go for, MASSIVE AMOUNTS. Take, for instance, the hood. The black piece is actually an exit point for air that has come through the front grill or facia. It is designed to redirect any air passing through those intakes over the top of the car, creating down force there. Also, though you can't see this from the picture, the spoiler is shaped like a wedge, with the underside of it flat, and the top of it raised slightly. The air is split with the leading edge of the spoiler. The air on the bottom travels X distance, but the air on top of the wing has to travel slightly further because of the curve of the top of the spoiler. Because it is traveling slightly further, but at a slightly faster speed, pressure is created (downforce). If you want to look at it in a very non-specific way, think about it like this. This car has enough. What do I mean? Well, it has enough down force to reach 248 mph and not take off like a fighter jet.

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