Dozens killed by Baghdad car bomb

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    "Air strikes by US planes on the Iraqi town of Falluja on Monday followed one of the country's most violent days in recent months."
    (Roger Hardy, BBC)

    A car bomb has exploded close to an Iraqi police station in central Baghdad, killing 47 people, health ministry officials say. More than 100 people were injured in the huge mid-morning blast.

  2. I heard it killed 47 people.

    That whole place should be made into a parking lot.
    Kill all the religion nuts.
  3. Lets kill you first, then think about the ladder.
  4. I was recently there...
    It is not as hectic as the United States media portrays it.
  5. All those casualties, just because they happened to go to market that morning or attempt to get a job as a police officer in a difficult financial time. I heard that the explosion was so powerful that it ripped the clothes off many of the victims.

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