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  1. im just bored and this car is one of the best drift cars...so i felt like starting a forum for drifters where we can just talk bout drifting....
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    hey what do you kno about drifting? this car is alright in drifts, the best cars are FD, FC, 86 and LanEvos<!-- Signature -->
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    i know that drifting is more fun than going fast in a straight line...the silvia is one of the best drift cars in japan...they are pretty popular cuz they are not that expensive and have a good amount of power...the FD and FC are good drift cars too cuz they can rev pretty high and you could pump a good amount of power from the rotary; the thing about rotarys i dont like is that they guzzle gas, but all in all the Rx7s are good drift cars...the ae86 is really good drifter, i wanted one but its hard to find the hatch version that i like...i dont know that the evos are good for drifting, maybe in dirt like rally racing, but i know that the evos are good for gripping...in japan some people drift with the subaru wrx's, they just take out something or convert something in the differential to make it rear-wheel drive only....

    aite stay sideways
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    Yes, one of the best cars for drifting is the 240SX over here, or the S14-S15 Silvia over seas. Another is the Supra, though it has a heavy tail, and can be difficult to control when in a major powerslide. Really the most popular drifting cars in Japan, are the old School Rear Wheel drive Skylines, like the R32 non-GT-R. 300ZX are ok but the rear wheel steering doesn't help when your trying to get the car to slide.
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    I agree. This month's Sportcompact Car issue actually has two articles on Sylvias and how well they drift. Check em out in the magazine racks.<!-- Signature -->
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    S14 is too heavy. the S13 is better for drifting. The FC can't really do handbrake drift becuz the handbrake doesn't lockn the rear wheels up.
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    Just outta curiosity....do all of these drifting cars have to have posi-traction?
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    The Gtr-34 Is Pretty Good In Drifting Too...
    The Mistubishi Evo's Are Awesome Too
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    I think the R34 is a little bit heavy. Don't u think so?
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    Nah, Once You Get It Up To A Pretty High Speed And You Hit The Handbrake And Drift, It Does It Pretty Well But It You Really Cant Drift Well At Low Speeds
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    Powersliding in a RWD car isnt drifting though.
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    im in Okinawa japan, and i go watch these cats drift every chance i get, its #$%#ing awesome yow, you should see the chicks too, yup, there are some chicks that compete where i watch it at, and they can drift better that a lot of the guts too, the slivias are a big favourite, both s13 an s14, i personally have not seen anyone drift a s15 over here but we all know they do, another popular drifter is the 180 sx and that old corlla from like 1988, the last ones to have the rwd.

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