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    Have a video with S2000 drifts. Will post soon...
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    Saw that already, it's not bad
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    YEa, that's wut i meant! Haha!
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    How much is a S15 anyways? And what are its performance figures?
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    It's about 2300000 yen, its performance is pretty similar to S2000.
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    Wow, 2 million for a car that cant even keep up with a Vette
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    nono, it's yen, so it's about US$25000
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    Wahts an S15? Isn't that what they used to call the GMC Sonoma (kind of like the S10 pickup)?
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    IT's the Nissan Silvia. It's FR sports coupe. The turbo version does 0-60mph in 5.5 sec. But it's not being made anymore due to emission problem, btw, almost all turbo sports cars in japan - supra, skyline, GTO, RX7 are not being made due to emission law. NSX and S2000 are fortunate enough to remain alive since it's not a turbo car.
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    No, it's not being made anymore because they we'rent selling well, they even say it on one of Nissan's official sites, the one from Japan
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    Isn't that the 180Sx or 240sx? But the coupe version or something like that.

    Funny Story sort of related.
    I met up with my buddies lastnight. One drives a done up 240sx and the other has a mercedes suv (His bmw is in the shop getting lowered). So the merc guy decides to switch cars with the 240 guy for the drive to a party. The guy with the 240 (now in the merc.) decides to go buy some booze so he takes off. I followed the guy in the 240 until we reached a long straight road. He slows down and decides he wants to race me. We take off and I dust him. Howevever, there is a cop waiting in a side street and my friend slams on the brakes. I didn't see him so I kept going (well over twice the limit) and he passes my friend and decides to chase me. Lucky for me its a really really foggy and I am going fast enough that he loses sight of me. I turn on to a side street (not even knowing there was a cop) and pull a U-turn. When I come back to the main street I see the cop fly by, which I later learn, he is actually chasing me because he thinks I am going straight. I meet up with my friend and we get the hell out of there as fast as we can. The moral of the story is, don't race rich kids who trade their mercedes for a nissan and then race it. The cops will be looking for you.
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    The 240 sx is the american version of the S15 if I'm not mistaken because they we'rent produced in America just like the Skyline
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    emission is one of the reasons though, but think about it, do u think nissan would say " Silvia has bad emission, so we cut it." No, rite? It would make teh company look bad.

    Anyways, the 240sx u see here are S13 and S14, i dun't think there's any s15. And the s13 and s14 here are way slower than the japanese ones.
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    What about the Nissan Multi?
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    Never heard of it
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    Oh the weird looking wagon?
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    My goal is buy one and make it lay frame on 26s. Then I want to put three of those huge aluminum wings on the roof and cover it in decals that say 'Nissan Z Multi Racing'. There is one at my school and the girl who ownes it has said that she has had more than five offers for it.
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    My teachers think I'm a drug dealer because I have a better car then them, practicly all of them are driving Civics, Jettas and Corollas and then you see a student(Me) coming to school in a Lexus
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    Lots of BMWs and a few Mercs at my school. No luxuses (lexi?) though.
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    There's only 2 teachers that have a good car and it's the principal(Jaguar) and another teacher that has the Lexus SUV
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    I like to drift with cars that have wide torque/hp bands(high torque/hp figures help also). Drifting with pure power is the only right way to drift. Just turn in(at right speed and gear), punch the throttle and weeeeeee sweet drifting action.
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    Our music teacher drives an NSX. To school.
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    My truck does that everytime there is precipitation, and usually not on purpose. If I didn't rally around my neighborhood in the winter and get a feel for countersteering, it probably would have been wrapped around a post long ago.
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    wow, ur teacher is rich.

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