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    LOL, if a teacher did that at our school, I think some of the students would start throwing rocks at it
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    I'm not sure how. The teachers are always going on strike because they are underpayed.
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    He probably has 2 jobs?
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    I know, they always say they are underpaid, but they can afford nice cars.
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    Maybe a drug dealer or something. I saw a pimp the other day with an nsx.
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    LOL...Pimpin aint e-zzz
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    Not when you are a balding music teacher.
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    Does he often wear pink or baby blue?
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    Not that I've seen, but I wouldn't be surprised. But what does he care, hes driving an NSX.
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    Most likely or his parents are rich bastards
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    Maybe they'll adopt me.
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    Probably not, if he's jewish i doubt it
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    HAHAHAHA Its a catholic school.
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    So, There's jewish kids in my school
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    Not in mine.
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    But they dont wear their little outfit
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    I guess it's because low-end torque helps a lot with drifting, since cars with low end torque tend to accelerate quickly, and accelerating quickly can cause your car to drift.
    However, you could probaly turn this baby into drifter. All you have to do is drive it at those high RPMs. Then the car might drift.
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    And it also could be because of the weight
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    It is kinda....not as good as a nissan 240sx tho. Sweet car to drive and turns heads <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    Actually, what you speak of is a powerslide, which while appearing similar to drifting, is not even close, as it slows you down, while drifting is the fastest way to take a corner.

    There are TWO and only two forms of drifting,

    Weight transfer - achieved by steering in the right direction at the right time, and lift-off throttle steering to achieve a tighter turn radius, and cause the weight of the car to shift so that the car has an inertial center of gravity, causing the car to slide with little friction in a controlled manner. Direction of travel is rarely the same as the direction the tires are pointed.

    Braking drift - Braking just hard enough at certain points before or in a turn to induce adequate weight transfer to initiate or control a drift, it takes a delicate sense of control.

    Now, aside from left-foot braking (i.e. braking with the left foot while keeping the right on the gas, or hitting both the brake and gas with the right foot), there is no practical drift inducing technique involving the throttle. Accelerating quickly can cause the tires to spin which will cause the car to slide in a turn, but it will only slow you down, and is useless for advanced driving techniques, with the exception of when you're already drifting through a turn, and hit the gas to accelerate through the turn, then spinning the tires will help you to carry through the turn, and allow you to accelerate out of the turn sooner. However, accelerating quickly is no way to initiate a drift when advanced driving techniques are concerned.

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