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    Good lord. Raging Bull will EXPLODE, but I'm in love again. What a great youtube channe; by the way, you guys should subscribe.
  2. Thanks, downloading immediately
  3. Assembled with love in Windsor, ON.
  4. I don't like the way CvK presents things and talks about his company. It's like he's giving a middle-management powerpoint presentation. So dull.

    Many will scoff at what I'm about to say, but I don't think that he shows any passion and I think it comes through in the cars he makes. Technically very capable, but boring. Comparing him to someone like Horacio Pagani makes it even more apparent.

    I've been subscribed to Drive from the start (FLD viewer) - Chris Harris' segment is almost always great.
  5. I would take a Pagani Zonda 760 RS any day over the Agera.
  6. of course
    but still an amazing car
  7. I've watched it a few times now and still amazed by it, just love the way CvK shows off the unrivalled performance and tech of the cars. The man is an automotive god.
  8. Agreed, this makes me not wanna watch it, but I will give it a go anyways for the cars. CvK is a muppet but I will say he knows his shit
  9. Their current cars sound a lot better than the CCR/CCX, but still sounds awful for such an expensive car.
  10. Calm down.
  11. it'd be cool if thes supercar guys didn't treat their shit like a #$%#ing seminar and just be like IT'S LOUD AND FAST AND SHIT AND LOOKS GOOD MAYBE and maybe people will get excited about cars again

    no one gives a shit about how many microns you shaved off the monocoque because of some now resin or whatever since no one can get excited about your ugly cars

    s my d
  12. CvK needs a pair of glasses that he can constantly be pushing up the bridge of his nose

    during fantasy blowjobs his glasses will slip off his face and onto Raging Balls dick and it will be HILARIOUS
  13. Are they driving the factory itself? That would probably handle as well as the cars.
  14. lol
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  16. Considering that the cars have become so untouchable in the performance department, I wouldn't be surprised if CvK could get the entire factory on wheels and have it handle better than anything else, it's just getting that easy for him.
  17. Just go hump him already
  18. It would be one thing if the Agera R looked good, but all it can do is accelerate and brake. Big deal. No one has tested it on anything other than a drag strip yet.

    If you want to look at lap times of the CCX it's pretty much in the middle of the supercar crowd. When Evo tested it in 2008 on the Nurburgring it posted the slowest time (behind the Maserati MC12, Zonda F Clubsport, Enzo, and Carrera GT). And if you think that they weren't really pushing these cars please note that Evo's time in the Zonda was FASTER than Pagani's official test in 2007. Same driver in all cases as well.

    Koenigsegg has a good formula. Their cars are loud, have enough chintz to stand out, and can put on a good show between stoplights. They need to stop acting like they're NASA.
  19. hahaha
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  21. The newest, most powerful, and second lightest car in that test was in fact the slowest?

  22. Do you really enjoy humiliating yourself this much by acting like a total retard on every single one of your posts?
  23. It would fall to the floor because he is a victim of castration.

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