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  1. That's because you've become desensitized to its ugliness. Being a Subaru it'll get a nose job in a couple of years.
  2. The rear looks so rice.
  3. I like this gen way more
  4. '04-'05 STis are hotter, but that design is nice too.
  5. And this is even better.
  6. Not really.
  7. Let's hope they do anyway. That's what BMW did with the new M3 too. It's just funny how they're cashing in on the cred they built with the purist cars to sell watered down versions to the masses. All the tools want to think they're 'core but don't actually want something that's raw.
  8. Really.

    Faster, lighter and it also looks nicer. I'd say thats better.
  9. Just because it's JDM doesn't automaticly mean its better.

    Besides the 08's, the 04/05s are the fastest Sti's to date.
  10. Where did I mention JDM? Oh yeah, I didn't.

    It's better because it handling was superior due to it being over 200kg lighter than the 05. The fastest times I ever saw for the 99 were also faster than what I ever saw for the 05 but if you can prove otherwise go ahead. Looks are a subjective thing but in my opinion it beats it in that department too.
  11. Why is the top speed is limited to 118?? When it used to be 155???
  12. How many people actually do 155??
  13. I've certainly done more than 118.
  15. Heaps JDM cars are limited to 180 km/h usually, or it was just for the track.

    Edit: The old WRXs under-steered like shit, lighter weight can't make up for bad suspension and weight distribution.
  16. If you didn't know how to drive them.
  17. I wasn't talking from personal experience, I was 10 in 1999.
  18. I think all jdm cars are limited to 118.
  19. They weren't as user friendly as the newer models but it's "short comings" in the corners seemed to be non-existent when in the hands of a good driver.
  20. Nah, the 06> is better, lights are much nicer, more aggressive.
  21. Japanese cars are factory limited to +- 180km/h, or atleast they were.
    Q. Wrxs are RW biased AWD, why would it understeer?
  22. Just because a car has a longitudinal placed engine doesn't mean it wont understeer.
  23. Alfa Romeo, remeber the designer went to subie.
  24. Rrriiight.

    They were lighter than the NSX type s which was pretty cool, but

    "The GC chassis is so weak compared to today's cars that engineers called the body a "Watermelon frame", referring to how a watermelon shatters on impact"

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