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  1. **** yeah like, I'm so Fkin drunk right now. I'm in McDonald's

    Double cheese FTW
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  2. Modern phones are pretty good. they know what you mean, mostly.

    Swype FTW
  3. Like, Fucking hell. I've not been this drunk in ages,
  4. Alcohol and SCN don't mix
  5. Don't forget to hydrate. Your pretty locks aren't there to protect you.
  6. are you 15
  7. Which answer arouses you?
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  8. It's a classic combination haha
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  9. I remember so many of these from back in the day.

    Vman I don't think McDonald's is the best glory hole location...
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  10. dtunk in a mcdonalds posting on a car forum that's been on life support for going on 10 years

    you do you, james
  11. You know we're getting old, when it has been ages someone posted on here dtunk.
  12. Im on longest period of not drinking alcohol since was allowed turning eighteen. I can tell theres no difference in how I now feel after roughly three months sober to that of a week or two without drinking.

    Might have a glass of vine today however.

    El Maco is the best there is. Especially the Maco spice for fries.
  13. I cant get dtunk anymore with kids, university and works and most importantly the fact that i am old. I just sip on a 4-5 ounce glass of kickass scotch and itd enough for me
  14. go get laid james!
    but use protection
    i want you to be happy

    wait did you say double cheeseburger
    double cheeseburger all the way whoooawhooaa whoa
  15. I approve of this thread.

    We should definitely get wasted together at some point.
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  16. This guy was on Tosh.O. hilarious
  17. i wish i saw this last night
    christmas party was amazing
    drunk pizza was amazing
  18. Yeah I don't remember making this thread

    Decent night out though.
  19. never thought I'd saw tosser O and hilarious in one phrase

    edit: never thought I'd see myself forgetting how to english
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  20. Very Yes
  21. A couple coffee drinks and glasses of vine. Felt slight hangover for the first minute when waking up. Downsides for today being I cannot go swimming and car needs to be fetched from friends house.
  22. I had 3 glasses of wine yesterday. I have a headache. I can't handle alcohol anymore.
  23. I've been legit drunk less than 10 (can remember 6, and think that's it) times in my life, with two of those times coming in the last 10 days. Sat with my best friend since middle school and finished off three and a half bottles of wine while she cried over some dude, then worked on another 6 bottles with two other old friends from high school two days later.
  24. Are you 50 years old
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