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  1. I'd wager the battery weight is still much greater than the fuel needed to travel the same distance.
  2. Fuel still has much more energy per kg. However advanced jet engines with multistage compressors aren't available for RC planes and small drones. Manufacturing turbines is extremely difficult as you need to use inconel and advanced alloys that are highly heat resistant and strong enough to handle extreme forces. The same issues apply to bearings while the shaft connecting the compressor to the turbines heats the compressor section as well. If you eliminate all the moving parts from the hot side of the jet it can be built with simple materials. Depending on the temperatures reached the compressor and stators might be able to be made from carbon fiber. You can just 3d print some molds for them and make it in your garage. At worst you would have to use some common metal that is easy to machine.

    If you opted for burning fuel in the hot side I think you can also gain power by adjusting the fuel air ratio, I recall jet engines run very rich due to trying to keep the turbine temperatures low.
  3. Sounds like a recipe for a powerful blowtorch. Also, I made another thread for the nonmilitary stuff.
  4. Special forces arrested a Turkish minister last night and kicked her out of the country.

    What weapon is this? I don't recognize it

  5. I think it might be this HK G28 DMR
  6. Right yeah kinda looks like it
  7. From an American blogger, err journalist's point of view, it's an AR-15.
  8. Haha that seems accurate.
  9. Lol they're all Glocks
  10. [​IMG]
    When I was a kid I thought these things were the coolest
    pretty sure they are unbearably loud t hough
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  11. They are pretty big

  12. I would have loved to see Russian Commandos come out with bright florescent pool toys and beach chairs.
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  13. Bora

  14. inside of an awacs dome
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  15. ww2 colorized
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  16. Looks like Hans's Flammenwerfer malfunctioned
  17. who gave a flamewoofer to a 13 year old
  18. so whats that shit in the AWACS
    explain as if i was some kind of idiot or something
    suspend your disbelief
  19. Not really military but don't know where else to put it. This guy's channel has some interesting videos.
  20. That's not bad, but the 'guest's description of winglets is just awful. I checked out the full video and it's even worse. I'd stick to the Wendover guy.
  21. Its called a phased array, and its a method of pointing the radar. If you have a radio source, the waves will propagate from it in all directions at the speed of light, in concentric circles, called the wave front. This is, obviously, the opposite of pointing. But if you have a long line of small sources, all of their combined circular wave fronts effectively look like a straight line, like a stack of dimes. You can now point this radar, 'cause it has a direction (that perpendicular to your stack of dimes). The old school way was to physically move the whole array, and that's still done sometimes (which is why lots of radar antennas spin).

    However, you can also phase the array. If you start the radio waves at different times at different sources, you no longer have a stack of dimes, but a dime next to a nickel next to a quarter. You 'turn' the wave front without turning the array. Some radar arrays, like the one mounted on the E-3, are able to both phase and physically rotate to improve their field of view.

    Wiki has a good animation:
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