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  1. And that definitely will not happen.
  2. Yeah, no duh. Maduro is not threatening to bomb Guam or anything, so I wonder why the hell Trump is mentioning a military intervention (just kidding, I'm not wondering about it)
  3. Please don't let this thread decay into the same dumpster fire as the Russian election thread.
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  4. So I'm going to Vegas in two weeks
    is it soon enough before WW3 starts
  5. One of the best-preserved cities in the wasteland

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  6. so encouraging
  7. Stop being pussies. Having rockets aimed it you is fun.
  8. Not like you'd stop pissing yourself long enough to order a latte. You couldn't handle my Freedom, Nancy.
  9. Another glorious revolutionary victory against capitalist garbage bins.
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  10. Dumpster fire is right.
  11. if you choose not to remember birthdays of many people, be prepared to explain to those people why they're worthless to you.

    in case you thought you got to decide who you find value in.
  12. Such violence and disparity.
    American cops/security forces have a reputation for being tough, but they seem pretty useless here. Can't help but think how they would treat something like this here.
  13. Lol aren't many Jews "white"? Hell, I'm half Mexican and I'm considered white. I never understood the thought that Jews are out to get whites being how so many look white. Is it just the Jews with curly sideburns they don't like? But, racism isn't supposed to make sense.
    And, yeah, it's tough for cops working those things. It's a fine line between allowing free speech and keeping the peace.
  14. Yeah, Israel is a predominantly white ethnicity country. I would say about 50%, with most of the other half varying between light brown to brown (similar to Mexico, I guess). But the racial problem with Jews isn't about skin color.
  15. Well many of those idiots think they're targeted by Jews because they're white. Which is what doesn't make sense due to my previous reasoning.
    Be honest, do you hate me because I'm white or because I'm Mexican?! :(
    Part of me wants a civil war simply so this shit can come to and end. The other part of me likes having electricity.
    Maybe this would be a perfect time for a moderate party. I'd be all for a McCain-Biden ticket. Get these extremists on the left and right to knock it off.
  16. The problem is they aren't 100% wrong, there is some sort of racist jewish supremist ideology among some european ones back in the early 1900s, it's not really as clear cut as the nazis and intermingled with various communist movements to some degree but they say crazy things about how they want european populations replaced and pther various racist things. It's quite bizarre in general, they usually seem to be non-religious and of european ethnicity but typically strongly identify as being a separate jewish ethnic group and don't consider themselves white. Ironically they are often extremely hostile to Israel. The best recent example is probably Netanyahu speaking out about George Soros and backing Hungary in their opposition to him. They are fueling the rise in neo-nazis because they just accuse any critics of being racist, by shutting down any discussion it allows neo-nazis to recruit as they can show people some jewish groups spewing racist rhetoric and then portray it as a much larger imaginary jewish conspiracy. Because the media wont touch it and it's a social taboo it's easy to say "look they are hiding all this from you" and then imply if they are hiding this then maybe they are hiding that Hitler was a good fuhrer and dindu nuffin.
  17. wow i guess you really can find a way to blame jews for everything
  18. People like you are the reason there's resurgence of idiot nazis running around the USA. Getting triggered and shutting down anyone pointing out that there is some racist rhetoric on both sides feeds into the narrative nazis push. With the internet and social media crazy rants by people at Jewish NGOs and other institutions rambling about how they need to oversee the replacement of european populations or end "whiteness" spread instantly and never go away.
  19. What is this? What are your sources?
  20. I loathe to post them as they are definitely nazi propaganda accounts but they do have quite an amount of material to work with. For example:

    Some of the jewish communist stuff from around the 1930s is much more batshit insane. I'm not sure how it should be handled, with the internet many previously obscure literature from those movements are becoming public knowledge, ignoring it is probably not sustainable. You also have increasingly bizarre situations like Ukrainian neo-nazis that are pro israel and backed by a jewish billionaire while you have american jewish groups siding with islamists against israel.
  21. That is some specific out of context editing right there. He's referring to "whiteness" as a social construct, rather than a skin tone (he is obviously white). Read his Wiki page.

    Many Eastern European Jews had Communist views back in the day. They ended up coming to Israel and forming the Kibbutz movement, which was pretty goddamn successful for a while.

    And Naturei Karta (a group of ultra orthodox Jews that are anti-zionists) is nothing new.
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  22. I'm not so sure, Barbara Spectre for example posted some rather crazy shit on twitter and got banned, some claim it was a fake account but it was around for quite a while before she became infamous. Likewise many people who ramble about things like "whiteness" and "decolonization" do openly advocate for forcible demographic change, racial segregation and discrimination. Are those communists actually legitimately crazy racists? I don't know if they aren't they don't do a very good job of explaining their theories. If I saw a far right university teacher saying "jewishness" must be eradicated I would assume they are an insane racist that wants to genocide jewish people.

    I don't believe in "white genocide" or anything but the lunatics on each side are feeding off each others stupidity, both sides have to be condemned and criticised or you just get reactionary movements.
  23. I don't know who that lady is. Crazies exist on all sides with great variety. It's the edges you're supposed to trim when forming your own opinion. You don't see a bunch of zombie Jews gathering in obscure Virginia towns wanting to genocide the hell out of some privileged white people who aren't Jewish.

    Also I'm not getting the connection between that and communists, or how 1930's Jewish communists were racist?
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