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  1. This was crazy to watch.

    This is what happens when a country has centuries of "The Right to Free Speech" being distorted so hate speech has the same perceived value as every other form of intelectual expression. No wonder the President is equating both sides as if they were in the same level. Batshit.
  2. Have a read about the frankfurt school. They were an influential group of german-jewish marxist academics involved in attempted communist revolutions in western europe during the early 1900s. After they failed they mainly fled to America in the 1930s leaving the average european jewish person to die in the conflicts they likely helped fuel. After this it's less clear, neo-nazis will typically claim they went on to gain a disproportional influence in American academia, media and politics. As for racist stuff I would have to search for specific examples the general gist of it was they were butthurt about their failed communist revolutions and wanted to destabilize western countries that were predominantly white at the time by mixing various ethnic groups via migration then inflaming racial conflict using social engineering. While it was less clear cut than the nazis and their master race crap it does seem like they wanted to set themselves up as a sort of ethnically homogeneous ruling class, though arguably more just elitist. Both them and the nazis lean heavily on 1800s german philosophy and german idealism, to me it sort of looks as though they were to some degree two sides of the same ideology. I don't think I have come across a decent object analysis of the subject to read though.
  3. Radical socialist movements were a trend before the war. The Industrial Revolution and the rise of capitalism created a large, very poor working class which people were trying to fix. Marxism, communism, national socialism and so on - all failed quite miserably and had almost disappeared after the war.
    As for the conspiracy theory within your post (whether you believe it or not), please keep those to our specialized chemtrails forum.
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  4. I'm not overly convinced but is it entirely a conspiracy theory though? It's all well and good to just write it off as a total conspiracy but nazi sympathizers are spreading all this across the internet now, typically they are met with censorship or vague emotionally fueled responses and insults. This plays into their hands as the lack of calm and logical rebuttals legitimizes their arguments in the eyes of the people they try to influence. If you read the bios of those in the frankfurt school it's public record that they were given influential position in academia, US intelligence agencies and the state department. When attacks by communist mobs are a common event these sort of claims have to be responded to.
  5. Did you just say that if it's spread across the internet by nazis then it could be true?
    Illegitimate nonsense being spread by people with illegitimate opinions is exponentially triple illegitimacy.
  6. It doesn't have to be entirely true, since they can reliably show that the US did bring a group of german marxist extremists into the USA in the 1930s then proceed to give them influential positions, if their opponents are dismissive and claim the entire thing is a conspiracy theory and none of it ever happened they gain influence by default. It reminds me very much of tactics used by cults they will pick something they can prove and study it well, when facing critics they will dance around them in any discussion because they know the subject better or the critic underestimates them and resorts to insults, after they have won they will then build their fictional narrative on top the subject they could factually support. People always think cultists will never succeed in recruiting normal people until they have a friend or family member join one. Realistically their dismissal of them leaves them vulnerable, constant insults and any sort of violent persecution suits cultists very well it's an environment they thrive in.
  7. glad to see some long form explanations of lizardmechs thinking processes and influences
  8. Just because they went to the States and developed reasonable careers doesn't mean they've been secretly taking over in attempt to create some Marxist society.
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  9. Glad to see your usual complete intellectual cowardice and inability to grasp the concept of arguing a point you disagree with for the sake of discussion. No doubt you're writing an insightful post thoroughly disproving my claim that both national socialist and german communist movements shared a common influence of people like Kant, Hegel and german idealism as a whole.
  10. Maybe he's treating it like a double negative.

    Illegitimate opinions + illegitimate people = legitimate truth.

    Lizardmechina, I know we agree on many things, but you're no better than the biased left media when you start talking about what "could" be happening. I bash Seabee and SickBoy for doing the same thing. Basing convictions on what "may" happen only creates hysteria and does good for no one. Even I rolled my eyes at all the "he's gonna take er guns!" When Obama was elected.
    Your basing you claim on what supposedly happened in the 30's yet site no sources of legitimate information. There is nothing to disprove if you give no facts, but that doesn't make it true. It's the same logic theists use when they claim God exists because we can't prove he doesn't. And this is a topic Idol seems to have some pretty good knowledge about.

    Also, some of these SJW are playing with fire.

    Not only is it fucked up to identify the wrong person, but then causing people to lose their jobs is just making it personal. It's one thing to voice your disapproval. It's another to make it personal. I wouldn't be shocked if that guy gets killed. It's never a good idea to **** with people you don't know. Especially after giving them a lot of free time.
  11. True, however many did continue to openly pursue their variation of marxism and form the basis of various US based communist extremists. Herbert Marcuse is of particular interest, after moving to the USA he shifted from traditional marxist class struggle theory and adopted a position that tolerance of opposing political viewpoints he deemed as intolerant was oppressive and basically advocated elimination of free speech, you can see antifa closely resembles his ideology. Even more interesting is that him and other frankfurt school members were tasked with social engineering programs in post war germany designed to de-nazify germany. It's not hard to see the trail that leads to antifa or why they appear to have little in common with soviet and eastern euro communists.

    It probably didn't seem like a bad idea at the time but in retrospect putting the nazis ideological relatives in such positions seems like a very not so good idea. Has a weird extremist marxist ideology been festering in some US academia and government factions? Normally I would have found the suggestion silly but watching 18 months of antifa attacks and members of the press and local governments covering for them I can't say it's completely insane. That antifa so closely match the ideology Herbert Marcuse pushed makes it even more suspicious, most are well off and do not confirm to the various classes marx would have associated with his ideology. The complete lack of any obvious similarity with the USSR and antifa also sticks out, if they were in the USSR they would have been gulaged within a few days.
  12. youre making the huge logical leaps and simplifying motivations that all giant jew conspiracy people do
    its not even interesting. successful, rich, smart people work together!
    the jews fueled ww2 and are to blame!
    then you say nazi sympathizers are spreading this around, and the people reacting to it poorly are causing more people to become nazi sympathizers. hm
    That reminds me of the white supremacists on the internet saying 'if libtards keep calling me a nazi i'll show you a nazi'
    I've seen that a lot. WTF? if you werent already a nazi being called a nazi isnt going to make you put up a swastika as an profile pic and share memes about jews and ovens

    i have a jew question, mostly unrelated to all that, however.

    its no secret that jews are disproportionately successful
    do you guys think that one of the reasons is that jews may have faced the highest selection pressure of any other peoples in the last hundred or so years?

    like, if you werent bold enough, smart enough, possessed enough resources, or networked enough to escape germany in the 30s, you were more likely to die? maybe the resulting cultural closeness that comes with surviving something like that factors in?

    this isnt something ive put a ton of thought of but im curious if it makes any sense
  13. I get where he is coming from but I think people are severely underestimating the degree that someone could make a legitimate argument that america probably does have a bit of problem with radical marxist factions. I mean imagine you changed history and had communists seizing control of the Weimar Republic with Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels being exiled to America only to be given influential positions in universities and intelligence agencies then after an alternate ww2 against communist germany they call up Hitler and Goebbels saying "hey guys can you go to germany, set up a new government also you better make sure never turn back into fucking commies or you're totally fired". People would be horrified at the thought of that.

    Normally it would just be kind of funny but with law and order showing signs of failing it's a large risk, if there really are some fanatical american marxist factions pushing things along they will not act rationally. If moderates from both sides fail to oppose them there is only so much populations will tolerate until some decide they will accept anyone that offers a way to protect them, if nazis have a monopoly on that they will begrudgingly side with them.

    For the moment it's not an emergency, the economy is still ok and the nazis are pretty stupid while lacking any sort of charismatic or sane leadership. However the foundation for a large disaster is being formed, any large financial crisis or unexpected political event could push things over the edge. Weimar Republic 2: America edition would be very unpleasant.

    That guy posting names on twitter is pretty mild compared to other things, there's video of antifa attacking some random cyclist because they got confused, supposedly another guy got stabbed for complaining antifa was violent or something. Thats on top of the 4 or 5 attacks against random reporters or bystanders completely unrelated to any right wing groups. Some guy also executed the person next door in his backyard just the other day because he had some affiliation with republicans, the media is barely reporting any of it while videos of violent attacks pile up on youtube and live leak.
  14. I don't know how you guys willingly put this much time and effort into this crap.
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  15. Yeah definitely, actually it's pretty funny one side of my family is somewhat jewish they are kind of stingy but thoughtful and plan ahead, the other side is just some random caucasian they would probably give you money but they are perpetually in financial disaster and constantly bailing each other out, they just sort of aimlessly float through life without much plan and generally assume everything will workout somehow. Unfortunately grandparents on both sides joined a retarded cult so they pretty much cut off all association with family going back further than that, still kind of funny some cultural traits and attitudes managed to be retained several generations.

    I don't believe any sort of claims of a jewish conspiracy is at all true. However 1900s germany was a cesspool of garbage ideologies I think the communist ones get less less criticism than they deserve, realistically they're both authoritarian socialists that were convinced a utopian society was just one purge or genocide away and mainly disagreed on who they were supposed to kill.
  16. This.
  17. can't one psychopath run over one fat pink hair and go to prison as per normal and it not become about butterflying the ink on the constitution?
  18. Must have something to do with the lethargy of being a pot head?

    And the effort that people put into discussing this on the internet is probably less than a tenth of the time and effort of people who got out of their couches and went out to the streets to protest some crazy, backwards, retarded white supremacists.
  19. Because I like knowledge, particularly when it relates to the country I live in. But I don't have the ninjaneering experience to understand half the stuff Vanilla Ice and Hippo talk about in the planes/bombs threads.
  20. I don't think it is mild at all. The bashing that goes on at the protests is fucked up, but it can be expected when going to one. This guy is effectively trying to create a way to personally target a group of people with different ideologies. It's literally a 'hit list'. What's next, make them wear a gold star on their jacket?
  21. They have been doing this for ages people only just started to notice. I think companies like facebook and google have been maintaining lists names that they wont employ based on political leaning.

    It's funny watching Benjamin Netanyahu's son tearing into antifa and Soros on social media, western media doesn't know how to react, they can't exactly accuse the Israeli's PM son of being a nazi.
    Meanwhile the huffpost version dedicates half the story to him not picking up dog poop and trying to find other reasons why hes very bad.
  22. Talking on an internet forum? Man, if only someone would've told me that back in 2001.
  23. I don't know, never thought of it like that. And I can definitely think of lots of Ashkenazi Jews who aren't that resourceful and still made it. We do have a sense of common characterizations that Israelis (and I assume a lot of Jews from around the world) can relate to, such as being effecient, direct, being able to think outside of the box and cut corners (when it's not harmful, hopefully) in order to make advancements. That's what everybody credit for our success.

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