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    Netanyahu's son is an imbecile who says lots of crap. He will make a great successor to the great leader one day.

    Edit: Also, keep in mind that Antifa is not a word here. To the Israeli crowd, all there is is left and right. Neo-Nazis are considered a handful of illegitimate extremists that no one should pay attention to. There's been a trend to de-legitimize the left over here, and anything far-left around the world is an easy target.
  2. Is it really surprising though, the western left is increasingly hostile to israel. Although Bibi talks a lot of shit he's not always completely wrong. Soros for example seems pretty twisted, he said he was fond of the time he worked for the Nazis in one interview. It's hard to see how Israel can fit into his world view.
  3. Globally speaking, we have the left hating us for Palestine and the right hating us for being Jewish. So I guess we concentrate on our own, inner definitions of left and right.
  4. I stumbled upon Ben Shapiro discussing the frankfurt school while watching some of his other stuff but it was fairly brief and much what I had already read. I will have to look if he has ever written anything in depth about them.
  5. i kinda like ben shapiro. one of the few right wing personalities that is smart, fair, and criticizes his own party. honestly havent found any others besides some regional libertarian leaning radio guys who half heartedly (and with less and less resolve) defend trump and try to provide the trump fan perspective. Its been getting hard, and their opinion flipped when don jrs email came out, and trumps unwillingness to condemn guys walking around with nazi flags seems to have been another irreconcilable difference

    etb and lizardmech talking about the doxxing of the white supremacists: thats why the KKK wore hoods. imo if youre not willing to have your views out in public, maybe you need to reevaluate your views. Antifa has the same problem, though their issue may be more a fear of criminal prosecution.

    also, opposing antifa doesnt make you a nazi
  6. Yah if your views are so objectionable to the majority that you need to hide your identity to express them, then you're probably on the wrong side of the argument.
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  7. The only reason they got fired was because the fascist left slamming the companies for employing them.
    Do you two honestly not see the problem with vindictive actions against people who harmlessly show their belief that does not align with the majority?
    The gay and non-white seriously don't see where personal attacks on a person of different ideology, regardless if that person has done no harm, might be a problem?
    I've read that in the past the majority in certain countries were fine hanging blacks without trial. There was also a time when the majority was ok with rounding up Jews and putting them in camps.
    It's no different than if anti-drug people flooded your company with complaints about your pot use, VeryoneBloke.
  8. my post wasn't showing support for either side. I was just agreeing with CB

    I don't know the intricacies of what's going but the overriding feeling I have is that all parties involved in this are lunatics and need to just stop. Nobody looks good following any of these clashes. Nobody "wins".
  9. Admittedly it's funny to watch them get fired but it has too many downsides, they already misidentified people, there's too many ways getting people fired over political affiliation can cause serious problems. I just watched Shapiros recent show discussing it where he thoroughly explains why it's a bad idea, he does a better job than I can.
  10. Would you say that this is applicable to Muslim jihadist ideology as well? If someone orchestrates an ISIS rally in Texas but nobody is physically harmed, should it be tolerated?

    I'm pretty certain that if I were to organize such an event, I'd be detained immediately and thrown in a dark cell for questioning.
  11. Im fine with it

    free speech is the ability to say what you want without fear of reprisal from the govt. private companies are a different matter. and while it would suck if your company reserved the right to say fire gay people, or people who drank alcohol on sunday, i really dont know what law could really do anything about that, since neither group wants to be together

    in this specific case im fine with it because nazis and white supremacists are basically endorsing genocide. people should be afraid to voice that kind of stuff. if that shit was repercussion free in our society than society is fucked. hide yo face, hide yo license plate, we doxxing nazis out here

    I think that these are internet trolls who forgot what happened when you voice your shitty opinion to another persons face. The internet emoldened a whole generation of shitty nobodys to talk shit. Back in the old days you got socked and maced and stomped for saying half the shit that s on literally any popular youtube video
  12. happy birthday csl
  13. My issue wasn't about showing support for either side. The issue was you being ok with personally targeting people who were peacefully protesting because you believe their views are crazy. So now this person who has been an average law abiding citizen has his life fucked up just because some fascists don't agree with them? You're a gay pot smoker. In the 1930's they would have viewed you in the same light. And it would be equally fucked up to target you personally for it. That's hemi level reasoning.
  14. Cool, so you would be down for doing the same with the BLM protesters shouting **** the police?
    Also, show me where the targeted people said anything about genocide. Or are you assuming because they're proud to be white?
  15. If it was legal I wouldn't care. Them doing a bunch of stupid chants hurt no one. It's a slippery slope of fascism that's not very progressive. And it's unlikely you'd be detained if you did it legally. They don't even detain BLM protesters shouting for dead cops. You'll probably have your interwebs violated though.
    And if me thinking you're Dutch is correct, you wouldn't be detained there either.
  16. They expect people to tolerate islamist rallies even in countries without free speech. It's easy to find videos of islamists in the EU, UK and Australia not being dispersed and often escorted by police. For the most part they refuse to enforce hate speech laws on islamists and ISIS supporters. Even a local reformist Imam here in Australia gets non-stop threats and slurs from islamists nothing gets done about it, half the time facebook and twitter actually give him temporary bans for being critical of islamist doctrine.
  17. Come to Israel. We don't have any of that Nazi or islamist shit.
  18. Something akin to that Dutch protest would very much get the protesters in trouble with the police here, and rightly so. Several jihadist hate preachers have been denied access to this country only on the basis of the suspicion that they would spread hate speech if given access.

    I believe that a line has been crossed when a crowd is overtly instigating violence/murder, and there are various hate speech laws even in your country that cover this issue. Kill all cops/accountants/the president/gays/jews/blacks/muzzies is definitely not a message that should be spread around on the streets. In this country, black people calling for death of police officers would be prosecuted, as would nazis and jihadists. Perhaps you are more lenient with the former two in the States.

    I do believe in free speech, and one should be able to say provocative things in public at his/her/apache own risk. But if we were to allow death threats to individuals and populations, we would enable the worst sections of the society to freely radicalise and organise the equivalent of Nuremberg rallies. Planning/preparing for a terrorist attack is very illegal, too, although no violence has technically happened yet. I'm quite confident that removing all preventative legal tools from a society, only leaving it with the option of dealing with the consequences of terrorism/mass violence, would increase the likelihood of such violence happening.
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  19. they r doin it wrong
  20. Finland is cruel. :(
    In general though some restrictions on speech would be somewhat tolerable if it were enforced equally but it usually doesn't happen at least in english speaking countries. Any attempts to complain is met with responses like that only white people can be racist because racism requires the person making the comments must be able to oppress the group they are speaking about therefore islamists and others are physically incapable of racism or hate speech. This is considered a mainstream political position among academics, judges and politicians here, generally any group that disagrees is considered far-right.
  21. Luckily such irrational views aren't held in high regard around these parts.

    I sincerely believe that if islamist hate speech is allowed but nazis are cracked down on, we should not start allowing more hate spewing from the foulest pits of the fringes of the political spectrum, but seriously ask ourselves: What sort of colossal ****-ups lead to the sort of situation that islamists can spread hate on our streets in the first place?

    Imagine what Churchill would have responded to nazis or commies complaining for unfair treatment because one of them got to carry signs in some town but the other group was denied the opportunity. We need more of that sort of response, less attention paid to the hurt feelings of genocidal assholes. "Yes we want to murder millions of women and children in horrible ways but you guys were mean to prevent us from spreading our ideology". UGH.
  22. Except the people be outed said nothing about killing anyone. The idiots here automatically think that if you're proud to be a white male, you must be racist. They have black power protests here, yet the idiot left here never calls them racist.
  23. Who was outed? I'm confused now because nothing I said was a reference to any "outing" incident taking place.

    I don't have problems with anyone genuinely being proud of their sex or skin colour, although I will doubt the reasoning skills of the person claiming to be proud of those things. The former is mostly just a coin toss, and the latter is literally being proud of poor transport being available to one's ancestors. It's sort of like being proud of not having electricity or being illiterate, not really objectionable in any way, but makes one ask: Why?

    I do have problems with dishonest marketing of actual white supremacist and neo-nazi movements as "white pride". Hardly ever do people claiming to be white pride activists view non-whites as anything else than subhuman waste that needs to be isolated and/or eliminated.

    It's not like Hitler ever told the public that he wants to put babies in gas chambers and build the most horrific torture/slave labour/extermination apparatus the world has ever seen. He just talked about how great the Aryan race is and how bad Jews and Bolsheviks are.

    Or take Hemistage. Everyone on this site knows that he's a genocidal maniac, yet he markets himself as a "Gaullist". Just about as believable as Nuclear Killbot Extermitron 3000 with a slogan "kill all humans" claiming to be representative of the Green party.
  24. chanting blood and soil at a white supremacist march: im okay with you being doxxed and losing your job. am I okay with govt rounding you up and throwing you into a camp? no. But I am okay with an employer saying **** you, im okay with your friends and family seeing it in the news, im okay with all the repercussions that might come with being an asshole and public. the 1st amendment isnt freedom from repercussions.

    your comparison to james' sexuality and pot smoking doesnt make it for me: hes not advocating anything that hurts anybody else. those are personal choices. what the white supremacists are chanting does.

    I agree with hippo that white pride is a shitty cover they can use for disingenuous 'why is black power ok' if you cant see the nuance and what is being advocated, youre either intentionally blind or too dumb to participate. black power, WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS, is not advocating that blacks are better than whites and the races need to be seperated.

    cant link videos here, but look for videos of the marches

    jew will not replace us
    blood and soil/blut und boden etc

    yeah im okay with you getting fucked over. and if you are just a white guy whos sooo proud of his skin color but love everybody the same, well i dont know what to tell you. next time youre marching, chanting your fun little chants, and you see a guy with a nazi tattoo waving a nazi flag pull up next to you and march alongside, its time to leave
  25. "As for Antifa, it's a minuscule fringe of the Left, just as its predecessors were," Noam Chomsky told the Washington Examiner. "It's a major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant."
    "what they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive."

    noam chomsky on antifa

    antifa is a gift to the right. they give the right something to point at and say 'this is the left.'

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