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  1. They people being identified on that Twitter page. Sure they chanted stupid stuff like Jews won't remove us or whatever. But I didn't see where the targeted people said we must remove them from our country. Now if those guys were saying extreme stuff like that, then I retract my statement.
    True, the Nazis may market themselves as "white pride", but not everyone who wants to show white pride isnt a Nazi. Thats like grouping all leftists with antifa or saying I'm LGBTQWRZ because I've been to a gay pride parade.
  2. youre giving them a lot of benefit of the doubt, thats fine.

    but surely you can see why a ton of people arent

    Bannon is out of the white house. His recent on the record interview probably had a lot to do with it
  3. Blood and soil refers to maintaining a pure bloodline by marrying and procreating with those of the same ethnic identity. Whites aren't the only ones who believe that.

    Lmao that's not true at all. Go watch a few Black Panther/BLM videos.

    If only you held the left (antifa) and BLM (thugs) to the same standard.
  4. What did huffpost mean by this?
  5. is blm a black supremacist organization?

    isnt it a "please stop murdering us" organization
  6. I guess that depends on if they're chants define them. I'm willing to forgive " Pigs in a blanket fry em, like bacon." If Charlottesville can forget about "Jews will not replace us"

    you know, not that those two things are equal in their level of outward hate, but I'm sure this offer would never be taken seriously anyways.
  7. have lady golfers gotten hotter or have i gotten sicker?
  8. So, I see that most people here still believe in reverse racism. Impressive.
  9. you think that's cool, you should see me yo yo. I can around the world 3 times.
  10. Let me guess, you want to keep your yo yo collection white only
  11. Reverse racism? Is that like "irregardless"? There is no such thing as reverse racism as it would just be racism. Reverse racism would mean you think every other race is better than your own. Racism isn't the act of a sole race. Anyone of any race can be racist.
  12. Yes it is a black supremacist organisation, because only their lives matter above those of other races. It's literally in their name.
  13. Yeah, there you go. Reverse racism. You guys really think that BLM is a racial supremacy group?

    Man. I hope this is the opinion of a minority. Otherwise, America is fucked beyond repair.
  14. And here we go, here comes the frankfurt school marxist version of racism where racism no longer means discriminating against people based on their race and not being racist somehow involves turning everyone into ethno-collectivists where people are no longer judged by their individual character.
  15. Divide and rule is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Divide them into left and right, and win the side that's the majority. When it's the right, it's even easier, because of reasons I'd mentioned previously (and in another thread, maybe, but I guess the same people are reading).
  16. What. This is your particular definition of race relations. I don't think any minority would endorse this definition; in fact, I don't think anyone would endorse this definition other than the people who are part of a majority and are pretty comfortable with the status quo being retained as it is.
  17. You're naive.

    "Derp derp derp" - http://www.themessenger.global/2017/03/07/blacks-cant-racist-blf/

    "Derpity derp, whites have everything so blacks can't be racist"-

    "Hurr durr white people have everything, that's why we can use n word and they can't, derp"- http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59230aa8e4b094cdba5615fc/amp

    What's wrong with the status quo? Name a single right a white has that a black doesn't?
  18. Maybe you should try looking in an english dictionary.
  19. So the first video I saw didn't do it justice. I watched it on another show and saw other parts of it that weren't so innocuous. So I rescind my benefit of the doubt and say **** those guys.
    I still think it's a slippery slope though. I also still think it's fucked up the violent antifa BLM aren't held up to the same scrutiny.
  20. it says they matter as much as other races, not more, not sure where you got that interpretation. now im sure you can find somebody claiming to be with blm claiming racial superiority, but I think you know that thats a fringe component. the group wasnt formed to express dominance over other races. the group was formed as a result of black men being shot by cops and nobody being held accountable.

    again, im not telling you anything you dont already know but you seem to want to define them by their fringes. conservatives know its not fair to be called nazi or alt right just because they are conservative, itd be nice if they didnt react to the fringes of the left in the same way
  21. They protest when police shoot people who shot multiple black people.

    Read their official demand list, they basically demand money and special privileges based on race, disadvantaged non-blacks need not apply.
  22. I don't know. Why don't you try to ask a black person, a woman, a gay minority or a poor person that was born into a poor family? I'm not any of these so I can't tell you, but they keep saying that it's shit for them, and I believe it because I've seen the statistics. But your interpretation is that they just want hand me downs from the government, that they are poor, keep getting shot or keep getting arrested because they are not trying hard enough or something.

    So you are totally ignoring that the 100 years of slavery and the subsequent 100 years of racial segregation had any impact on the lives of the black community today? Yeah, de jure status are the same for blacks and whites, but they are clearly not the same de facto.

    There are people alive today who felt the effects of not having the same rights as others when they were younger. How come you can just look at the present and think everything will be fine because today the rules on paper are the same? Firstly, history is not just the last 5 minutes. Look further into the past. Secondly, what exists on paper doesn't reflect what happens in practice.

    This is a very superficial understanding of things on your part.
  23. I didn't know that the law said that a person who previously shot people should also be shot to death by the police on the spot. There is that thing of due process you know.

    This is crazy. I'm having to explain due process in a conversation.
  24. most of the people that were shot that got blm up in arms about were not murderers
    i dont get why you dont understand why they would be mad.

    as for this
    "What's wrong with the status quo? Name a single right a white has that a black doesn't?"
    Lyndon b johnson had some decent words to say about it

    But freedom is not enough. You do not wipe away the scars of centuries by saying: Now you are free to go where you want, and do as you desire, and choose the leaders you please. You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say, “you are free to compete with all the others,” and still justly believe that you have been completely fair.
  25. No it doesn't. Otherwise they would say all lives matter. By your logic, white supremacy just means whites should have as much dominance as everyone else. I don't see BLM rioting when an "unarmed" white or Hispanic person is killed by police.
    And, oh, so now it's only fringe when it's in the BLM ranks. Using your own question, when the crazy BLM start talking about killing cops and beating whitey, why don't they denounce it and leave?
    And black men being shot by cops and not being held accountable is very rare. Whites get killed by cops more. And before you use incorrect math, it doesn't matter that there are more whites. It's a simple math equation that should not include George or Lisa who has never had contact with a police officer.
    It would be nice if the left wouldn't call every white male who disagrees with them sexist bigots.

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