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  1. except for me and a few others
  2. me
  3. yeah well clearly youve never tried it so shut your whore mouth
  4. thanks adrian
  5. Back when I was on the rowing team, we bought one as a joke (it was frozen). The taste, while not good, wasn't horrible and the smell wasn't too noticeable. Then it started to thaw. Anyway someone decided it would be a good idea to put it in the freezer again and then the morning we left we cut it up and hid it around the room.

  6. I'm not one.
  7. Oh my, keep going please
  8. Its innotech.
  9. smells like firereds hot pee on my genitals
  10. i watched that social facebooks movie and the two bros in it reminded me of you and drivervwdriver
  11. White people don't get it.
  12. oh. my. god.
  13. what is going on in your mindgame lately?

    i've been on loop / repeat at 1.6x for about six months now.
  14. best post

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