E Class!

Discussion in '1999 Renntech EV12' started by BMW M7, Aug 10, 2002.

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  2. Fastest E class ever made!!!!
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    don't know if Renntech will play with the new E or not
    I dont' think they have play with the new SL yet<!-- Signature -->
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    This is the fastest acclerating E-class, Kleemann E-55K is the fastest..at 203mph.<!-- Signature -->
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    do u have ne pics or links about/to this kleeman benz? if u do can u hook it up? i wanna see it!

    but ne way this e class is f*ckin amazing! a but too pricey but it just looks like one bad ass car and the dopest sh*t is that its a four door sedan! u can get ur groceries in the trunk, your kids in the back then go friggin race on the autobahn! this is one sick beast!
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    looks are awsome and beutiful performance

    mercedes rules
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    one of the meanest-looking benzes ever! four-eyed Es have the most attitude! A snarling beast of a car...
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    This car rocks!
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    E500 is my favorite E class, i love this one though, but i think the 500 looks better

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