E30 M3 or AMG 190e

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by volvobob, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. well...which is it. I am not talking about the EVO version of either.
  2. E30 M3.
  3. ...AMG 190E doesn't exist...
  4. it is a cosworth not an AMG engine but I believe that the 16v was released with an AMG badge. It might be a case of wankers with aftermarket badging.
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  6. The four-cylinder 2.5-16 models were from Mercedes, not AMG. Back then, AMG was a separate company doing custom work, like Brabus. Their "full" 190E model was the inline-six Baby Hammer. I got original parts of that in my car.
  8. E30, love that car
  9. 190e was supposed to be an m3 competitor but failed hardcore
  10. Audi Sport Quattro
  11. The Cosworth Benz. Waaay cooler.
  12. The M3 for sure.In this league,the BMW is always the winner.Until now at least
  13. i llove the 190
  14. The Audi Sport Quattro was more expensive than a SL. Roll again.
  15. yes it was a case of wankers with the wrong badges. AMG was not a mercedes subsidiary when they were still making the 190E series... as far as I know, the C36 AMG was the first AMG under merc ownership.

    I never heard of the straight six 190E "baby hammer"... that sounds like a rocket; what was the engine in it?
  16. When you drive E30 M3 you will see that it has things to teach modern sport cars...

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