E34 in US???

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    The E34 M5 came in both 6 and 5-speed transmissions. If you had a 1993 or newer it would have been 6 speed. Any M5 older than that in the same body style would have been a 5-speed. I know this because i currently own a 1991 E34 M5. It is black with black. Has the wheels of a 1993 M5. Dinan Horsepower chip. And a 5-SPEED!

    Other differences in the years of the E34 M5:
    Color difference on bottom side skirts

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    Yeah, I've seen plenty of these, so they were definitely released in the US.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I was driving home from Washington DC today when I saw an E34 M5 on the Jersey Turnpike. We were at a rest stop, and I saw him there: Black M5, beautiful condition. When he backed up and drove away, there was that burbling sound that only comes when you've got M Power, and I saw - in a "casual" glance as he feuled up - that it was a 6-speed. I didn't think that the M5 was avaiable in the US in that Generation. It might have been a rebadged 540, 525, or 528, but it was pretty spectacular, and why go to the trouble of getting the 6-speed? Pretty cool, especially if he imported it.<!-- Signature -->
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    Well one of my freinds has this. Believe it or not he lives in Mexico.
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    lol...you can get anything in Mexico.<!-- Signature -->
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    It COULD have been a Getrag 6 speed 540i (there were 100 of those imported into Australia about the same time as the M5). Were these sold in the states?<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes of course these cars were released in the US. But i think they only come in 5 speeds. But I am positive that they were released in the States.
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    All of the second generation M5's were 5 speed, UNLESS, you got it imported from germany. And it could have been an M535, or an M540. But i doubt it that he got a 6 speed mounted into it.<!-- Signature -->
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    it might have been tuned, enough for it to need a 6-speed gearbox
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    it was probably a 540 they came with a six speed in the us and are pretty easy to find. and m5 badges are as easy to get as type R badges for hondas. PS how could you not tell if it was a 6 or an 8.
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    No, the six speed was paired to the E34 M5. And in the world of BMWs, a 6 cyl and an 8 cyl are to differentiate because of tight tuning and very good sound dampening.
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    i like your name dawg, i totally agree with you
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    I think that only the last year of E34 M5's were equipped with a six speed, im pretty sure all of the earlier years were five speed
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    The E34 had a huge options list one of those was the six speed box. the other main one is the Nurenburg switch to select soft and hard suspension settings. you dont gain much from the six speed box as performance gains are down to a better driver than better car.
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    The 6 speeed was only in europe along the englarged 3.8 litre engine and with a few other special edition M5s. One was the Cecotto and the the other one was the Ravalia I believe or was it the Winkelhock? Anyways what BMW did was asked these drivers what their perfect M5 would be. Johnny Cecotto described his as being very luxurious and was only available in Calipso Red and some other color which was unique. The Ravalia was a high performance oriented M5. With a stiffer chassis, no a/c red seatbelts and borrowed some interior bits from the E30 M3 Sport Evo. Red seatbelts and a cloth interior etc.. Anyway you put it they are still some kick ass cars. Too bad us yanks only got the base 3.6 litre M5 for 2 years. And only 100 tourings were imported.

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    I had always been wondering about M5 tourings. I thought they were just debadged 525 and 535i's, but I guess we have a few of them in the US, and there are some in Europe.
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