E36 M3

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by volvobob, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. I work in a high school. One of my students is interested in a E36 M3 as a first car. He isn't a screw up so I'm not worried about him putting it in a ditch. What are the problems with this car?
  2. high school girls.

    i dont really even understand what you're asking. are you buying this car off him or something?

    in closing, high school girls.
  3. He's buying the car. I don't know much about them.
  4. high school girls.
  5. ya what aZn said

    high school girls
  6. Tell him to get it because high school girls will #$%# him in it.
  8. Great car. Wouldn't recommend it to any kid as a first car though unless it's a project car.
  9. great car and very reliable besides a few weak points (diff mounts, rear shock tower mounts, stock water pump). if he's smart and respects the car then he will be fine... but then again he's in high school
  10. He is very very level headed. It's between this and a 968 for him.
  11. I would definitely rather have a 968.
  12. i'm gonna have to go with the 968 as well. its a porsche. he'll even have guys wanting to #$%# him.
  13. I'm not sure about M3's but E36 3 series with power windows were known to fail
  14. High school girlz are sluts.
  15. He will drive off the end of a runway
  16. #$%# man 968 by far
  17. a 968 is just a porshe
  18. the 968 gets my vote
  19. too much power for a first car.
  20. even w00t agrees 968 is the right choice!
  21. 325i
  22. 968 is teh sex. i hate this kid.
  23. Yeah you should buy him the 968.
    And high school jocks will give him head in it
  24. I think an E36 M3 would be a better first car in a long run than the 968, but the 968 is so dope. I'd have to drive both before I'd make a decision.
  25. besides the stuff thats already been stated the M3 is a good realiable car. both his options are very expensive to maintain though.

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