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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ski, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. Has anyone softened the suspension on an E55 so that their wife had a more comfortable ride? Just asking because she's #%[email protected] a bit about it. I thought about going to 17" AMG rims, and offset the fender clearance issue with larger tires and a bit less air pressure for HER. The spring rate is about 35% stiffer than stock E320 springs with different valving on the shocks also. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. dont ask for actual advice on this site. no one here owns such nice cars
  3. Put this in tecnical, or call your dealership. They should be able to halp you.
  4. Be glad you didn't buy a RS6.
  5. does anyone here know how I can stiffen up the suspension abit on my Phantom?
  6. Hamman will help you.
  7. Tell her to quit complaining, its an AMG for crying out loud!
  8. Exactly!
  9. I think this is the perfect time for : DIVORCE!
  10. smack the ho around a bit. actually, get adjustable suspension. that way you can tighten it up when you want to play, and soften it up for her.
    or, you can also downsize your wheels. im sure you wont have a problem selling your AMG rims. like just getting E-class wheels or something.
  11. Err... not a good idea to put smaller rims on the AMG.. the engineres tuned it for the 18's also the airmatic suspension can not be modified. they have a suspension adjustment button on the console. I have a 04 E55 (opal black)
  12. Regardless of whether or not that is actually yours (I'm not saying it's not), nice car/pics.
  13. I ordered the E55 august of 03 and got it april of 04. It has active dynamic seats,& 6 disk CD player. It was $85,120 with tax and destination chargres, I have 6500 miles on it so far and i live in Plymouth Ma. Im 50 and own a HVAC firm
  14. true. somewhere, a chiropracter just snapped his fingers in disappointment.
  15. Niiiice
  16. heating ventilation air conditioning or circulation..i forget.
  17. You should've bought an E500 for your wife.
  18. why the hell would you get anything more than an E320 for your wife? Don't say it's because you love her....unless you two have a really a**-backward relationship where you display your love for her buy buying her 470 hp cars and she returns the favor with diamond rings and earrings from tiffany....if that's the case...okay then
  19. Its come to a decision between your wife and your E55. Frankly, a woman who doesnt understand the idea that a near-supercar isnt supposed to have the same comfort of a limo is not worth more than a E55.
  20. Wow thanks for reminding what a shithole Australia is for buying nice cars. Here an E55 costs more than $220,000AUD, which translates to about $150,000USD. Who'd pay that much for an E55? Pathetic, isnt it? Whats even more jarring is the fact that the additional freight cost to Australia probably accounts for 0.01% of the price difference.
  21. They are about $240K once you have them on the road, so thats like $US183,000 (almost exactly actually)
  22. awesome!

    I'm taking HVAC engineering for college!
  23. Its kind of funny, the wife loves the E55 as much as I do and wants to take it out alot. We have a 2000 E430 as a daily benz and a Yukon Denali XL for my work. BTW HVAC is Heating Ventilating and air Con. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>. I know the sucky exchange rate at the aussy land. You could order one over here for 80 ship it over to aussy fill out some paper work and slap a LHD sticker on the bumper and get it over there for about 100K with everything done. its not bad <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> BTW here are some more pics of "the beast" and it has 510hp now and 530 lbs-ft due to me swapping the SL55 pully system into it and having it chipped.
  24. I hate You.

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