E60 M5 2005

Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by sk8er1988, May 9, 2003.

  1. 500 hp V-10, projected 4000 lb. weight, F1 Style Transmission. Need I say more???
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    sounds good but will the power be enough in 2005, seeing as most thing like mercs already have 500+ and most of it competitors now have 450+. You decide, i think that by 2005 most will have 550+bhp. Your views?
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    The current murc has 476 hp and weighs 4400 lbs. and after the new M5 comes out, it will be 4 years befor a new murc and by then a new bmw will come out just to beat that. Its a constant circle.
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    that car will own but it will have to fight hard.
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    I'm still not sold on the style yet. My M5 just has that stout muscle car look and the new M5 looks kinda like a lexus or something. Too much flowiness, if there even is such a word.
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    Well so far it has been the E55 higher than the M5 on most, if not all, generations. But what im talking about is that BMW and M can do soooo much more. I mean it was a factory spec (non tuner modified) BMW engine that went into all the legendary McLaren F1's, F1 GT's, F1 GTR's and LM's right? and only NOW M is thinking of bringin out an M5 with ONLY 500 bhp (or a little more)? My dads E55 has got just over 580 bhp 1998 W210 chassis. Im not here to brag, but M can do so much more thats all. Im with AMG but M....MEAN MACHINES!

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