E92 M3 CSL spied.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dbworld4k, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. The trunk and front bumper have been slightly changed, can't wait to see what they'll do to the final version.
  2. sexy.

    DO WANT. i like the rear alot with that little lip spoiler, actually
  3. This is what they should have released the M3 AS IN THE FIRST PLACE, THOSE SELL OUTS
  4. If they did that, then they would have had no room left to make a better version and charge 10k more!
  5. PLUS #$%#ING ONE
  7. still ugly... the 335ci looks so much better than the m3
  8. So Porsche are sell outs for selling both a GT3 and a GT3 RS / A Turbo and a GT2 / a Carrera and a Carrera S?

    The thing is, they've made it for different types of people. You have the Jeremy Clarkson type; complains about lack of comfort in sports cars, you'd think his spine was made of glass. Now you have one car for GT-enthusiasts, and one for the track. I really don't see the problem with this at all, I think you're grabbing at straws to find something to #%!@ and moan about.
  9. The E46 CSL was near perfection, it was fantastic. hope BMW can pull it off again
  10. I'd still rather have an E46
  11. *E30
  13. Though I agree with you partly, no one ever complained about the E46 M3 being to harsh for the road or lacking in comfort. There was no real need to dull down the E92, other than increasing thing gap between the normal M3 and the CSL.
  16. The M3 isnt balls out enough to start with though, the GT3 is.
  17. That lip spoiler makes the back end look a lot like the z4 coupe.
  18. therefore the CSL is released
  19. well I can't wait for some tuners who will make it agressive like hell
  20. BMW "Cock Sucking Lips"
  21. Porsche has been a sellout for a while now, one could argue that they needed to, to survive, however, BMW is not the same kind of company

    the point of the M3 originally was to homologate a race car then to provide the ultimate driving machine, ie lightweight and low centre of gravity etc. A car for drivers. as a Result, it was always seen as the benchmark of luxury German sports car/coupes, with AMG moving toward the cruiser/musclecar crowd. Now that BMW decided to water down the M3,and with Audi and AMG simultanously releasing more hardcore track oriented supercoupes, the M3 is being overshadowed, all because BMW decided to sell to the poser crowd and totally ignore the purists.

    sure there are rumours of an upcoming CSL, but did you see the review of The M3 v.s. the S5? theres a thread about it in car comparo, they claimed that the M3 was only marginally better, when infact it should have made short work of the S5, seeing as it really is just a 335 competitor.

  22. in conclusion, BMW sucks so does chris bangle

    AMG rules!~!~@%~@#%
  23. i would take just for it's performances
  24. You don't get it do you...
  25. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

    You're completely oblivious to sense. The point of the original M3 was indeed to homologate a race car and be the ultimate driving machine. However, that was the E30 model only, and I don't see you complaining that the E36 or E46 were poser cars. BMW did not decide to water down the M3, they decided to make it for two types of people; the GT enthusiasts, and the track enthusiasts. There are no "rumours" about an upcoming CSL, it's a solid fact that it's coming, and that it will smash its counterparts out of the water.

    Now, I'm not saying that Audi hasn't been doing well for itself as of late, and indeed the RS4 is very impressive, but really, if the S5 and M3 are so different in the first place, why compare them at all? Realistically, I don't think people who want an M3 will go for a less powerful Audi competitor.

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