Early wankel engines

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  1. require rebuilding after max 100000km.
    What about now fro RX8?
  2. what is this? a car forum?
  3. There good
  4. srsly
  5. I seem to remember the first run of RX8s had coolant leaks around 1,500 miles because Mazda didn't machine something properly.
  6. RX-8's drink as much engine oil as the Sultan of Brunei's entire collection of cars.
  7. I haven't heard the RX-8 has a bad reliability rep so I assume they're as good as the average.
  8. Early Wankel engines don'tneed that if you have the right parts. The Ro80, Prinz and so on only had a bad reputation cause a subcontractor effed up the production of gaskets. That didn't change till NSU went bankrupt, with modern gaskets, no problem at all.
  9. LOL
  10. Lynx?

    There was a big recall when they first came out, but I've heard nothing since.
  11. Fun fact; when Ro80 owners cross paths on the road, they greet eachother - like many classic car owners. However, their greeting usually consists out of fingers, with the number of fingers representing the amount of spare engines they own.
  12. fiat owners still do that here

    well and Alfa owners ;-)
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  15. sorry, it's hard to assess the reliability of the engine because the RX-8 gets such horrible gas mileage that nobody who owns one can possibly afford to drive it over 80,000 miles.
  16. stewacide KNOWS his cars
  17. If you rev the car too much while stationary, it can explode.
  18. just like he kNOWS his politics

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