Earthquake Changes Earths Rotation

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    LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- The deadly Asian earthquake may have permanently accelerated the Earth's rotation, shortening days by a fraction of a second and caused the planet to wobble on its axis, U.S. scientists said Tuesday.

    Richard Gross, a geophysicist with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, theorized that a shift of mass toward the Earth's center during the quake Sunday caused the planet to spin 3 microseconds, or millionths of a second, faster and to tilt about an inch on its axis.

    When one huge tectonic plate beneath the Indian Ocean was forced below the edge of another "it had the effect of making the Earth more compact and spinning faster," Gross said.

    Gross said changes predicted by his model probably are too minuscule to be detected by a global positioning satellite network that routinely measures changes in Earth's spin, but said the data may reveal a slight wobble.

    The Earth's poles travel a circular path that normally varies by about 33 feet , so an added wobble of an inch is unlikely to cause long-term effects, he said.

    "That continual motion is just used to changing," Gross said. "The rotation is not actually that precise. The Earth does slow down and change its rate of rotation."

    When those tiny variations accumulate, planetary scientists must add a "leap second" to the end of a year, something that has not been done in many years, Gross said.

    Scientists have long theorized that changes on the Earth's surface such as tide and groundwater shifts and weather could affect its spin but they have not had precise measurements to prove it, Caltech seismologist Hiroo Kanamori said.

    "Even for a very large event, the effect is very small," Kanamori said. "It's very difficult to change the rotation rate substantially."
  2. HOLY CRAP! A FRACTION OF A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sweet, now the days are shorter. I can feel the time going by faster already.
  4. Unfortunately, rate of decay stays the same.
  5. I'll live longer! This is the best thing to ever happen.
  6. I knew there was an earthquake coming. That's why the weather was so odd the past couple of weeks...
  7. Wow that shows us hou insignificant we are compared to nature power
  8. Yeah, nature can change the amount of time in a day by milliseconds and we could probably blow it the hell up with nukes.
  9. they're lying. i changed the rotation.
  10. How the hell do they prove that the earth's rotation was changed by an inch anyways? And the additional milliseconds in the speed?

    This is probably some huge scientific guess.
  11. Leap second? Rad!
  12. Its "Hypothesis"...get it right.
  13. It's not really a "Guess" per se. It's based off moment of inertia calculations. They figure how much mass was moved, and where, and then they figure the change in the moment of inertia of the planet. The innacuracy comes from how much mass and where, not from the other part, because it's just complicated math and simple physics from there on out. Basically, as mass is redistributed on the earth, the rotation changes. So if one of the plates is subducted, the total mass of the earth might be a tiny bit more concentrated at the center. Thus, like an ice skater pulling in her arms, the moment of inertia goes down, and the earth spins faster. Though in this case, the number they estimate is 2.7 microseconds, which is about 10x too small to measure directly.
  14. after all, Mother Nature was here first, we're just here using up her resources & destroying her planet.
  15. mother nature should learn to fight back a little more often.
  16. We arent destroying anything.

    If we end up depleting all the natural resources and screwing up everything by using massive nuclear weapons the world will just end up healing itself and starting over again.
  17. we aren't destroying anything? are you freakin' nuts? look at what we've done to this world, man. Civilization itself is ruining this world & like 1998LS1 said, mother nature needs to fight back more often. Deforestation, the proposal to open up the awesome ANWR to oiling, coal powered power plants that emit pollution, acid rain, calving of giant icebergs, extinction of animal species, human encroachment onto land inhabited by wildlife (case in point-Denver, two years ago, we had a huge influx of bears coming down from the mountains just west of me because we had a huge drought problem & they were looking for food to stock up on for hibernation..hell, there was a bear stuck in a tree less than a mile from here..they all follow the irrigation ditches & streams nearby from the mountains..I see wildlife around here all the time) name it, we are finding a way to ruin this earth. Yes, there are some unspoiled parts of this world that hopefully will remain unspoiled & beautiful for years to come, but at the same time what we have ruined can never be replaced.

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