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  1. present to me the common aethiests arguement as to the nonexistence of god
  2. I don't know if any atheists can actually prove there is no god (no more than another person could prove there is), but I think it would be the lack of proof of the existence of a god.

    That's why it's called belief... faith...
  3. yeah...thats why i didnt say their proof. just their arguement
  4. STFU corky
  5. think of them yourself. It's not hard.
  6. Are you trying to pick a religion?
  7. #$%#ing shut the #$%# up with your stupid god thread you #$%#ing P.O.S.
  8. THe argument is that the believers have no proof that he exists. That's like saying "prove that unicorns don't exist." Other than the fact there is no evidence they exist, you can't.
  9. A watermelon is blue inside until you cut it open.
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  12. If a being was infinitely powerful, and infinitely merciful, that being wouldn't allow natural disasters to kill innocent children.
  13. Why would an all-powerful god lets thousands be killed in his name?
  14. athiests belive there is a god but dont believe IN him, i think. athiests are not people who are not religious.
  15. because i have no reason to believe there is a god.
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  17. wtf no. true athiest believe there is no God.
  18. if that is true, then on the census, why do they have seperate answers under religion for athiest and none?
  19. Athiests believe in no higher power at all.

    Agnostics believe that some sort of higher power may have created the universe, but is now either gone or at the very least, not anything like what people describe as their gods (and certainly don't demand worship), and are non-interfering in the universe.

    Both believe that religion is a social construct to maintain order and uniformity, along with promoting society benefitting behaviours. Religion is, however, occasionally used to manipulate people for personal agendas or greed.
  20. Right and wrong. Athiests believe there is no god - that is most certainly a defining attribute of atheism. But it may or may not be a religion, depending on who you ask. It's a belief structure, no?
  21. Athiesm is not a religion. They don't worship any divine being, nor do they do things based on the philosophy such a divine being. They are merely critics, they want evidence if they are to accept something. Religion is about faith, believing in higher powers without having any evidence to support it.

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