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    Comparison -

    The 1990 Diablo is a 5.7 litre 60 degree V12 naturally aspirated 4 valves per cylinder rear wheel drive 5 speed.

    The Bugatti EB110 is a 60 degree V12 Quad Turbo 5 valves per cylinder all wheel drive 6 speed.

    Diablo - 0-60 4.09 sec top speed 325 kph
    EB110 - 0-60 4.4 sec top speed 333 kph

    In my opinion, the bugatti performs extremely shit considering its obvious advantage. the lambo has faster acceleration and only a few k's less top end and there's 4 years between them. compare this 94 bugatti with the 94 diablo SE30 and bugatti will be shit all over.
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    Im sure if reality hit and some of you guys drove the cars you would have a totally different oppion on what would be the better car.
    Assuming the fact that some of you can drive and I mean not just in a straight line(my mum can do 250k +) it takes no tallent.
    Over all speed is no benifit on a track unless you can hold the speed around the corners to get you up there.

    Besides what 90% of you think. These cars are not like dads truck or camaro it is unlikely that you would be able to shift the diablo into the correct gear while driving on the limit. Even geting a gear in a straight line would be hard for some of you.

    I don't think that to compare these cars is fair because the bugatti is much more a drivers car, and a better car in most respects not to say that the diablo is not a fine archevment in engineering but it is as all lambo's have been a tough one to drive.
    But you cant see that from the pic on your computer screen.

    when you wake up and realise that a fine car is not specs on a sheet.
    But a romance with, what the makers of the car belive in.
    Lambo is here today because Mr lambo was told by Enzo to go back to his tractor buissness (after he had complained about his ferrari to Enzo)
    Buggati is here because it was one of the greats before WW2 and deserves to be in the super car scene Even 110 Years after Etore Buggati's Birth (Yes that is what EB 110 stands for)
    Before making comments learn the story and the romance behind the car.

    If you dont want to buy, a GM or a Ford were no one cares about the history and the only romance happens in the back seat.
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    Umm... You posted stats for the EB110 SS. The GT is a lot heavier, and has less power. Although it still has a lot more hp than any stock Diablo.
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    I'd take the Bugatti, easy.
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    In case you havent noticed, we are comparing the diablo to the EB110 GT, not the SS. And you just happened to pick the slowest accelerating diablo for you comparison, which is really stupid, comparing the slowest diablo to the fastest EB110. The EB110 GT would get murdered by tyhe diablo, which in turn would get destroyed by the EB 110 SS. Both look incredible.
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    the bugatti is way too heavy to compete with the diablo...bugatti might be a one of a kind but it can beat a rare production car like the diablo
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    u must be about 10 years old. can u not read in the name this one is a gt(grand touring) and the other an ss(super sport) which also has more power

    just cuz the car is newer doesnt mean it has to have to be faster
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    EB110 is faster than Diablo!
    the italian test of Gente Motori EB110 did 340 Km/h, 0-100 km/h 3"6 and standing Km in 20"9, the italian Quattroruote test of Diablo VT did 325 Kmh, 0-100 km/h 4"6 and standing Km in 21"9!
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  10. the one with nawz dog, and vtec yo
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