Ebola vs USA#21

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Oh great, I'm gonna die of ebola.
  2. don't worry this is a brown people disease we're ok
  3. Time to make some good use of all those guns.
  4. Good. I #$%#ing hate Dallas. We should quarantine the entire city.
  5. walking dead
  6. buddy works over in Libera doing consulting for a mine site , they pulled him a month ago and shut down the whole project ...

    he said shit was crazy over there with UN guys all over the place taking everyones temp ...
  7. hahaha, is Mexico wishing for that border yet??
  8. haha a news article with usa #1 in it funny inside meme haha sop funny so fresh #$%#t his site
  9. not astonished at all
  10. man me neither hemi. why would you go to africa SERIOUSLY
  11. Don't worry AIDS will get you first

  12. Joke , but I'm appalled nobody made it sooner.
  13. is Ebola a strategy from russia to get rid of Africa?
  14. So according to the CDC, the now-infected nurse did not follow the protocol. She removed her protective gear in a way that made possible for infected liquid to reach her skin ? do they really want us to believe she removed her gear while she was next to the patient?

    No that it changes a thing ..
  15. supposed to go to canada next year
    might just stay here so i dont die
  16. We'll
    Let you know
  17. lmao @ idiots saying the evil white man created it to bring down blacky. Yeah, like we're going to kill off the tribes that mine our resources for us on the cheap. Besides, they kill eachother off well enough. We don't need no stinking super virus.
  19. Solid jab, 10/10. Please make again.
  20. Local radio host returned from Istanbul yesterday and had police + medics waiting at the airport in Helsinki. They had a suspected ebola case onboard. Turned out a false alarm, but still must have been pretty interesting for those on the plane.

    And now you guys have the same situation in States, apart from the suspected being verified.

    Oh dear.

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