Ecclestone: Australian PM sealed Grand Prix fate

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  1. yea but then we'd DEFINITELY lose the race.
  2. It wasn't Rudd it was Brumby that Bernie spoke to.
  3. We're gonna lose the race anyway.

    Besides, I'd rather see us lose the round than give in to that shithead Ecclestone again.
  4. Cars racing under floodlights is really lame. I agree with headlights.
  5. why not start the race at 8am Melbourne time (thats 9pm saturday GMT)
  6. My view as well
  7. They may aswell just keep the entire series in Europe considering they're the only ones that matter.
  8. Melbourne is absolutely awesome as well, it'll be a sad day for me in 2010
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    See, Ecclestone doesn't give a #$%# about the attempts to appease him anyway:

    FORMULA one boss Bernie Ecclestone will not be placated by moves to stage the Australian Grand Prix in twilight hours, insisting that a 5pm start time will do little to increase the event's appeal with the sport's massive European fan base.

    Ecclestone was responding to comments from Australian F1 chairman Ron Walker, who said moves were afoot to delay the start of next year's race to 5pm (6am GMT). The 2008 GP, to be held this Sunday, will start at 3.30pm (4.30am GMT), 90 minutes later than in previous years.

    Ecclestone, however, appeared less than impressed by Walker's attempts at compromise.

    "It doesn't help a lot," Ecclestone told the Herald. "That's not really what we're looking for. It would be nice if the race was on at midday or 2pm for European audiences, but I guess that would mean it starting in the middle of the night in Australia.

    "Obviously, the later it is in Europe the better as far as I am concerned. I suppose it is easier getting up at 6am than 3am, so perhaps that's something, but not what we are really looking for."

    So I definitely think they should have moved the racetime BACK to 10am just to give him a big #$%# OFF
  10. Are Europeans such pussies that they can't even wake up early once a season? Bernie sure makes it sound that way.

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