Edd China - Garage Revival

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  1. there good

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  2. quality content there bruv
  3. I never have the patience to watch Edd China's stuff because it's boring. But it always amuses me how serious and pedantic he can be about every part and screw, compared to most other (American) car-project shows where everybody's just like "shit, the door don't fit, let's chainsaw some more of the chassis".
  4. insane chainsaw montage set to royalty free heavy metal music

    cut to commercial

    return from commercial

    royalty free heavy metal music and replay the last 30 seconds of footage from before the commercial

    american reality tv is for trump voters
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  5. I appreciate that and I want it to a certain extent. I don't want cheesy acting and scripted shop shenanigans like you get in some shows. I like the technical detail. He's kinda my hero.
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  6. You can tell the cars he fixes will keep running for a while.
  7. That's because you snowflakes can't handle reality!

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