Egypt teacher jailed for kicking child to death

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    Egypt teacher jailed for kicking child to death

    Posted 1 hour 38 minutes ago

    An Egyptian court has jailed a teacher for six years for kicking a schoolboy to death after he failed to do his homework, a court official says.

    Maths teacher Haitham Nabil Abdel Hamid was convicted of manslaughter after kicking 11-year-old Islam Amro Badr in the stomach in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria in October.

    The boy fainted and died shortly after in hospital, with several students saying they saw Abdel Hamid kick Badr.

    A coroner testified in court that Badr had four broken ribs, Egypt's Al-Masry al-Yom newspaper reported earlier this week, amid emotional scenes in court from the boy's family.

    The teacher's lawyer was quoted as saying that, "Hitting (a child) is not banned in schools and my client did not break the law."

    - AFP\
  2. id be dead if i lived there
  3. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  4. This is not what I want to be reading Christmas morning <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. The lawyer should hire his client as his kid's personal tutor.
  6. You can say that again! This teacher should be jailed for longer than 6yrs
  7. that's the tough way
  8. Its the only way he'll learn
  10. We'd have a lot less ghetto trash in the US if it were legal
  11. Killing ghetto trash should be legal.
  12. This guy deserves life in prison. No excuses, no issues.
  13. This guys just deserves to be killed. Why waste space in prison for a douche like this.
  14. If this is common accepted practise I don't think it's right to jail him for bad luck.
  15. he was a biology teacher
  16. So he knew what he was doing, what a bastard.
  17. It says he's a math teacher. And I doubt anyone is suggesting his intention was to kill the kid; just do what all teachers in Egypt and the Arab world do which is beat kids for whatever reason.

    edit -- Basically, it seems like arbitrary 'justice' to me to punish people for bad luck. Even in the West this seems to be what most 'manslaughter' convictions amount to.

    It's the act itself that should be important from a legal POV, not whatever the consequences end up being. If he wouldn't have been punished at all if the kid had turned out fine then he shouldn't be punished in any eventuality.
  18. It's different over there
  19. should have raped the corpse, then he wouldn't go to jail
  20. killing frenchies should be legal
  21. not meeeeee
  22. quit arguing differently for the sake of being different.
  23. no see in Canadian law we use the 50% rule, when dealing with a "crumbling wall" scenario, which is basically when you damage or injure someone/something with an already fragile position and serious damage in excess of the norm amounts.

    The question to be asked is,,, what kinda injury would be caused to a child if kicked by a full grown adult? we have an 11 year old boy, a full grown man and a few missing details. Was it multiple kicks? was the child already knocked to the ground?

    I personally think its reasonable to assume (ie more then 50% likely) that damage would occur if you kicked a child in the ribs,,,, therefore,, the guy should be responsible 100%

    Only problem is,, this stuff applies to tort law,,, and thats not the kind of punishment that is needed here.

    I think this guy deserves life imprisonment, where imprisoned fathers can have access to him day and night.
  24. They rodney king'd that kid
  25. how's the 757 on this fine christmas?

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