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  1. I've always loved the chrome bumpered Stingrays, but I've never found a reasonably priced one until now. I have three C3's right now, an '82, a '77, and a '76. The '77 I'm selling and the '76 was going to be my next project car. The '82 is being painted right now, and it'll be my regular driver.

    OK, I'm all set to begin ordering parts for the '76 when I run across a '72 in Tampa. The '72 is $7,500 with a straight body and no rust. The '76 ($2,000) needs bodywork and the floor panels are rusted. Nothing major though. Both will get new engines, trannies, suspension, interiors, paint, etc. They will also both cost about the same to modify. The '72 is about 300 lb. lighter then the '76.

    What do you guys think? Should I buy the '72 or should I just stick with the '76 I already have?

    First pic is my '77 ('76 looks just like it, except it's black) and second is the '72 I'm thinking of buying. Third pic is the potential of the '72 (it's not a '72 or a coupe, but close enough).
  2. i would go with the 72 one of my favorite years.
  3. 1972. I LOVE the early C3s, but I've never really grown to love the later ones as much for some reason. Those chrome bumpers... beautiful.
  4. 68-72 are among my favorite c3. the 69 black convertible is my fav it is fitted with an l71 or l36 triple carburated 427ci engine.A 70-72 with a 454ci isn't a bad choice either but pricey .I was thinking of 1970-72 lt1 c3s which are cool too.
  5. From a practical standpoint it would probably be best to keep the 76, but since when have Vettes been about practicality? I'd get the 72. You might as well get the car you want (I'm still working on getting one Vette, let alone a replacement number three).
    My personal favorite C3 is the 73. That was the one year they had the body color front bumper with the chrome rear bumper. It just looks right.
  6. i would go with the 72 all the way. does it have a 359 or 454 and if you do get it put a t-56 tranny in it that would be mint.
  7. No, but it will probably get a stroked small block. If I go with the small block then the car will be mated to a Tremec 5 speed tranny. The Tremec 5 speed is a bolt-in replacement and they supply EVERYTHING needed to convert it from an automatic. They also have a six speed, but it's 30 lb. heavier and isn't as strong. I would like to go with a Richmond, but their close-ratio 6 speed that fits has no overdrive gears.

    Goal is 500 HP, and yes, it will be getting a big block hood and side exhuast <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. C3s are sweet to
  9. sweet, so long as its a manual you can't go wrong.
  10. you don't need an overdrive 6 speed
    you can get the same final ratios without OD
    and since OD gears are weaker by design....

  11. Only if I go with a tall rear gear which I really don't want. Like a 3.44:1 would be great.
  12. but the first gear on that 6 speed would be awfully steep for a 3.44 gear
    btw I was on a Richmond site and couldn't find a 6 speed without OD
    they also stated that could put different raios in the case, with up to a .52 OD
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    The guys over in the Corvette forum said that there was only one Richmond that would fit and it was a racing tranny. Close ratio gears which is great, but no OD which isn't. I'll give them a call when I get closer to decision day. Right now I have to wait for this hurricane to pass so I can make a trip to Tampa so I can buy that Vette.
  15. is the firewall/trans tunnel fiberglass?

  16. no massaging extra room for you :/
    I'd be lazy and put in a 2004R with Art Car guts
    same overall leanth and mounting point as turbo 350
    but has a .67 overdrive
    the only "downside" is a hi-po lockup torque converter will cost an extra ~$125

  17. The whole reason I'm building this car is for the manual tranny. My '82 Vette is great for cruising and drag racing (beefed up 4L60 tranny with 2,600 stall and 3.44 rear gears), but I want another driver that is good for auto-x as well. Nothing like sliding through the gears on a twisty road :)

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