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  1. woah, those are far out...
  2. The Russians always did had awesome ideas.
  3. A big part of that, I thought, was that in the Soviet Union the worker was put on a pedestal. Professionals like doctors and engineers were thought of as not actually doing work, but just pushing papers from A to B. Engineering was not only a less respected profession, it also paid less - despite costing a significant bit more education. And so the only people who were engineers, or designers, or scientists were because they actually wanted to be, enough to sacrifice pay and respect for it.
  4. thats not true at all... the soviet union was very proud of its educated community. They built cities of just scientists and engineers.

    I know, because I was there, and my parents were both engineers.

    shit like this proves how much faith they had in their engineers. i seriously doubt the vision of one man could result in the largest flying vessel EVER if that man lived in America. unless of course that man had very deep pockets, like Howard Hughes.
  5. Well, I suppose I've been ill informed then. Or, perhaps, times change. Or maybe both. Or maybe I was thinking of a couple-decades-ago-China. Whichever reason, it was a more fruitful environment for innovation than here.
  6. I love Ekranoplans and other wing in ground effect vehicles, I've been into them since I was in high school, the video link is dead though.
  7. I'd use it to ship my Mustang back to Michgan for oil changes.
  8. see my post earlier with link to new video
  9. It was made largely redundant in the advent of improved yank surface to surface missles. ƒucking badass though.

    There is a German company that produces them for personal use, they sit two to eight(?) people or so.

  10. the orlyonik is a russian model. maybe its made by germans, i dont know.

    theyre not redundant, maybe they dont have the military purpose the soviet union imagined, but it is certainly an efficient and very fast way to travel over open water. with modern technology, these things can probably cross oceans.
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  12. aww, i thought it was one of the big ones.
  13. reminds me of something from talespin
  14. Did anyone catch the first episode of "james mays big ideas"? He does a bit on teh caspian sea monster and other Ekranoplans.

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