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  1. So I was watching this show last night about natural disasters and on April 13th (a Friday) 2029, an Asteroid will pass so close to Earth it will be between the planet and our communications satellites. Then, 7 years later it will be coming back (on Friday the 13th) and depending on how our gravity affected it the first pass, it may hit us. Pretty wild this will all start in only 22 years.
  2. USA will send troops on it
  3. omg *panics with arms up in the air*

    I need to start building a bunker right away.
  4. Sing the song of salvation now!
  5. Don't worry. We've got Bruce Willis.
  6. lol
  7. Exterminating life event or smthg like that..i remember deep impact.
  8. i watched it 2 days ago on tv... we should make a bunker in lime stone.
  9. Did you know that LOL means "loss of life"?

    We're about to have an LOL ELE IRL 4SRSLY!
  10. i dun care about bunker , im on that gvt list ! yay .
  11. One time I had to classify failures as loss of life (LOL) and loss of aircraft (LOA). Everytime someone said "lol" I would laugh a little inside.
  12. Oh noes...i need a loli first !
  13. Haha that'd be funny.
  14. That is what sc.net does to you, makes you laugh at the possible death of someone because it has a funny name.
  15. haha. I'm reading this book right now, and last night I read a chapter where they talked about this. It's called Apophis and if the trajectory goes through one of Earth's "keyhole" altitudes it'll knock us pretty good on the way back. It's projected to land between Hawaii and California.
  16. Well I know what I'll be doing April 13 2029. I hope I can afford a DSLR by then.
  17. By that time you can probably right-click+save-as the sky anyway
  18. Pfffffft the sky is falling apparently.
  19. Sounds fun, hope I don't miss it.

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