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    Ok......this has been mentioned loads of times but here's an article that seems to confirm the idea again, don't know if you've read it but here it goes!


    Don't know about 120bhp.....that's the same as here(UK) and it has to cope with the hike in weight due to air con and safety equipement.....and it says it will replace the Esprit which is just wrong......if anything the M250B will replace it which I also doubt!

    How much is $38,500 compared to other cars(how much is a Boxster?) in America?

    Anyways just hope they finally get it over there!<!-- Signature -->
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    Boxster start at around 40,000 and the boxster S is around 50,000.
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    I e-mailed Lotus cars(UK) about the possibility of a US Elise and they replied very quickly which was pretty god damn good, this is the reply they gave me via e-mail.

    Daniel, good morning from Lotus Headquarters.

    Thank you for your e-mail which, as you can see, has been routed through to me to try to help make your day. Read on, because that is what I hope to do!

    I am recently returned from a very busy two weeks in Los Angeles where we put on display two LHD European Elise cars for the locals to view, touch and feel at the LA Autoshow during 5~11 January. The response, as we predicted and as you might imagine, overwhelmingly positive.

    We have for some time now been reviewing how we might finally get the Elise to the waiting USA public, I would classify this job as my duty and am proud of the progress that we have made so far. The show was our way of quietly announcing the possibility and at the same time use the show environment as viable 'proof positive' to our Lotus board members and our shareholders (I had no fear of the result and personally volunteered the time and effort,
    and chance to meet the USA public who want this car with the same passion that we had in showing it).

    With my colleague and co-worker on the USA Elise project, Sue
    Lascelles-Hadwen, we undauntingly worked 14 hours each day for 12 straight days telling all who wanted to know about our great little car. Even with the limited information that we can give at this time, for the sake of secrecy and surprise we are not prepared to tell all at this stage, the Lotus stand was inundated with visitors and generally seen as the most exciting and informative stand to visit.

    Sue plus two other colleagues from Lotus Cars USA (Atlanta based), Arnie Johnson and Clyde Shepherd) we meticulously worked for as long as each group or individual wished to make sure they understood the full flavour of Lotus and the Elise. I heard no complaints then or since of what we told the stand visitors and interested (or should I say excited) innocent bystanders. We calculate between 10~12,000 people were walked through the two Elise models
    we had on the stand during the 9 public admittance days.

    We have learned since returning to UK that the public footfall was 1,050,853 and have no reason to disbelieve this since by the last day we were exhausted enough to think that we had talked to every single one of them.

    The message goes as follows: "Yes we intend to bring a revised version of the current second generation Elise to the USA. The revisions are mainly focused on making the Elise compliant to Federal Safety requirements and will necessitate the use of an engine that meets the stringent USA emissions and diagnostics standards. We are not prepared at this stage to divulge technical or sourcing information on the chosen powertrain. The basic specification of the USA car will be very much as shown in the cars at LA,
    but will include Air and single CD stereo 4-speaker system as standard. At a price less than $40,000. We have finalised the market and volume analysis and foundation engineering program, and subject to shareholder final budget approval are expecting the car to be delivered to the market before the end of 2003. At this stage we are discouraging Dealers from taking deposits but recommending that they should make record of all interested parties wishing to be placed on a listing that will give first call when we can confirm the
    final vehicle specification with program and delivery details".

    I hope that the above helps.

    Kind regards,
    Roger Becker,

    good eh?......that almost confirms officially their intentions......providing they don't go under!<!-- Signature -->
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    Time for the happy dance. Hopefully the elise wont gain more than 200lbs to conform to the US regulations. Ford and Honda supplied Lotus with F1 engines in the past, so maybe one of them will step up (hopefully honda) and supply some engines. Honda would be great because they have all the aftermarket support for thier cars (civics and intengras) and would be fairly easy to power this car up to a healthy 200hp.
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    if it did come with all the extra wieght, how much of the wieght would you be able to just go in and take out?(like the AC and things like that)
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    wow........I forgot about that e-mail I received........I wonder what the situation with the US spec Elise is now?
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    Group Lotus PLC: Official Press Release - January 2, 2003

    Lotus Announces Elise for USA

    Group Lotus PLC and its subsidiary Lotus Cars U.S.A. Inc. will expand Lotus' presence in the U.S. market with the introduction of a U.S.A. specific version of the world-acclaimed Elise and a future product strategy that will include a new family of exciting models over the next few years.

    U.S. sales of the 2005 Elise are scheduled to begin in mid 2004. The "Federal" Elise will retain the benchmark performance, handling and dynamics that have proven so popular in the U.K. and Europe but at the same time complying with U.S. regulations

    The recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades for design, performance, drivability and handling, the Elise is constructed around a strong, rigid, yet lightweight extruded and bonded aluminum chassis. Consistent with the Lotus design philosophy of achieving performance and efficiency through light weight, this high tech chassis weighing less than 150 lbs allows for a complete vehicle weight of approximately 1700lbs (current European specification).

    Demand for the product and high quality standards are key
    A careful study of the U.S. market and the success of the Elise in Europe and the other markets have shown Lotus that there is a demand for a small, lightweight and very high performance sportscar in the U.S. While remaining a hand-built car, a new state of the art manufacturing facility at its Headquarters in Hethel, England has enabled Lotus to build cars at a higher volume and introduce unprecedented quality standards vital for today's demanding customer.

    Arnie Johnson, Lotus Cars USA's President/CEO explains why Lotus recognizes the USA as a key market for the Elise and future models. "Our market analysis studies and surveys have overwhelmingly confirmed demand for the car. Based on customer and dealer reaction, we are very confident that the Elise will enjoy the same success here in the U.S.A. as in other markets.

    The introduction of the Elise marks the beginning of a new era of growth for Lotus Cars USA as well as for our dealer network. Over the next few years we anticipate further expansion and growth with new models to follow for the U.S. market."

    Lotus Cars USA will implement a plan to provide the highest quality sales and service support throughout the dealer network and add new dealers in key market areas, thereby making the brand more accessible to its expanded customer base.

    Complete specifications and price for the USA Elise will be published closer to the time of launch in mid 2004. A copy of the current European Elise 111s specifications is attached for information.

    Elise is coming your way America!

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