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    s2000 would thrash it that has the most poweerful 2 ltr engine in the world 176 kw shit man the elise has weight on its side but it doesnt do 0-60 5.6 more like 6.7 to 7.0. the s2000 is the ultimate softop
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    s2000 would thrash it that has the most poweerful 2 ltr engine in the world 176 kw shit man the elise has weight on its side but it doesnt do 0-60 5.6 more like 6.7 to 7.0. the s2000 is the ultimate softop
    0-58mph s2000 5.4 sec
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    My sis has an Elise. In a darker shade than this though. It handles like a dream.....shes a shite driver though, I cringe when I see her driving it.

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    Elise is a #$%#in gutless gruntless piece of crap s2000 is powerful engine
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    No wonder you like ford,you're #$%#ing stupid as shit!
    So the S2000 does 0-60 in 5.6 sec with 240bhp?Well I got news for you
    ford#$%#er This beauty(Elise) does it in 5.6 also and with only 120bhp,How about that wow it's magic,a less powerful car running the same #$%#ing time,it's called Light weight dipshit learn about it,what it means and what it can do to a car!
    #$%# you and #$%# ford!lol
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    You still don't know shit about cars do you!IDIOT!
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    Alright buddy, this elise still doesn't have significant power, the S and the Elise are about the same in the sprint to 60, but after that its bye bye from the S, weight does not effect your acceleration up high like it does off the start.
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    That maybe so but the Elise would still win on a track with lots of tight turns.
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    ~wouldn't it be nice if we could put s2000 engine in this elise????~
    i bet it could do 0-60 around 4.4 sec.~~~~~~?~

    that doesnt seem possible ,does it???~~~haaahaa~~

    (but i hope LOTUS and HONDA could do something together~~~~~~)
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    That Elise has a B18C engine, its made by Honda. That particular elise would beat an S-2000, I have the magazine myself that elise did the quarter in 12.6 thats as fast as a Z06, but this elise has 122 horsepower, that just wont beat an S2K.

    And there is a tuner that put a K20A in a track elise, they had gotten up to 260WPH all motor. For those that are not familiar, the K20A is the engine used in the JDM Type R's, apparently they have much higher naturally aspirated potential then the older F20C that is used in the S2K.
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    I know that Elise has a interga Motor,but I just wanted to show what it's capable of,and besides it spanked that Mustang Cobra R good,lol!
    I thought it was a good link for Elise enthusiasts.

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    Hmm - funny that. I've never been outrun by an S2000 in my standard Elise on the track on anywhere else. I've driven the S2000 and is was definitely slower in every regard up to around 90-100mph. Suspension is too soft and front engined = understeer, so it is soon a dot in the mirrors on track.

    Sorry to shatter iillusions, but the S2000 is not a great handling sports car, nor is it a superquick accelerating car. It's a nice, comfortable 2 seater with all the toys suited to middle-aged cruisers. I know this, becuase I've driven it - and my Elise - on track - not just read about it in the mags.
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    Thank you! Why do people continue to praise the S2000 like it's some kind of diety? It's not powerful enough to overcome its weight in acceleration and you can't expect it to handle anything better than a straight line. If you rebuilt it and added some significant power, it might make a decent drag car, but it doesn't hold anything to an Elise for anything else. It's built like a heavyset version of the Miata, but it doesn't have the muscle to pick up the extra pounds. In other words, it's supposed to look pretty and pick up chicks. Guess what guys-it fails at both! You wouldn't get me anywhere near yours.
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    ok people lets put this way i never ever considered getting an s2000 it has a high reving motorcycle engine and week handling. But the second i heard the elise was coming to america i called my dealer and put down a deposit immediately. Plus the elise coming to america will have a 200+hp engine and a six speed so you ll be seeing 60 in 4.5 s and top speed will not be a problem at all. The honda s2000 was another way to use the same old engines to do not particularly spectacular feats of automotive boredom. If you wanna rev to 7k till you get any power go for it, but if you want to have eardrums will driving get the elise. Its pure british, small gorgeous car with a decent engine that can handle like a cheetah on pcp.
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    the lotus has a crazy 0-60 time 4 a 122 hp car and a terrible top speed. im sure its a better quality than a pos honda and most likely beats it in everything but the top speed cause the s2000 has 240 hp but id take the more showy and exotic elise
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    i know i already posted, but i read up more on the s2000, and from what i hear, it would be ravaged by an elise. according to R&T, when you drive an s2000 with a lil behind it, its good and very stable and balance, but once you start to really push it, like you would on a track, i hear it gets wild and has severe oversteer. do not underestimate the elise's 120 hp. the elise would also have a rather nice breaking advantage im guessin, as it is only 1700 lbs. for everyday driveing, im sure the s2000 is much nicer, as it is much more accomodating, but on a track its not much of a match.

    ps, i also have a vid of an elise 190 keepin up with a ferrari f40, yes an f40. the f40 disapears on the straights, but is soon rather close when the twisties start. point being, the elise is quite possibly the worlds best track car.
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    Where do you live? They're coming out in the U.S soon!

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    elise V. s2000


    "To be is not to not to be, and To not be is to be"
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    thats a really hard one. sometimes i feel the elise is just a tiny bit overstyled. the s2000 also sounds a lot cooler when revved. both cars have awesome handling and put out tons of power. they're both really fun to drive... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i cant decide!!!!!
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    Lotus has never made cars with high horsepower. The twin torbo esprit is the exception to the rule.
    The s2000 is a heavy car with a respectable engine. an engine that small putting out those kind of N/A numbers in a production car is a rare occurrence, but the praise for the honda stops there.
    The lotus has much more remarkable styling and a suspension that puts most supercars to shame. The lightweight and superstrong chassis is also a thing to admire.
    While it may cost more and is most likely lacking on the creature comforts of the Honda, I would drive it any day of the week, on the track or off.
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    Car and Driver compared the S2000 and the Elise and the results are the reason I stopped subscribing. I fully expected the Elise to win as the newest car in the comparo in Car and Driver always seems to win. However, when I looked at the results, I saw that they had compared them both objectively and subjectively on like 20 different points. At the end they had the S2000 ahead by 1 point. They then added points for "gotta-have-it factor" and "fun to drive" which gave the win to the Elise. They had alread rated they style and feel of the cars subjectively and the S2000 had come out ahead. If I were an S2000 owner I would hate to see my car fall into second place on "gotta-have-it" factor. That has to be the worst comparison ratings I have ever seen.
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    Be nice to put a light wieght superbike engine in, then it would leave the S in the elise's dust.
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    The engine in the Elise that is coming to the U.S. has more power than the Euro version. In the Car and Driver comparo it did get 0-60 in 4.4 sec. On the track it did leave the S in the dust. The Elise is a cool car, but the replacement for the Esprit that is coming out in 2006 looks incredible. The concept looked like a cooler version of a Gallardo.
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    Have you got a link for the replacement Eprit?

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