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    Lotus has never made cars with high horsepower. The twin torbo esprit is the exception to the rule.

    All Esprits are exceptions to your rule and they weren't the only ones. So was the Europa, Elan and Elite. Lotus has always made powerful cars. Perhaps you're comparing their older cars with modern sports cars. Obviously they seem underpowered by modern standards but they were stormers by the standards of their day.

    The 1959 Lotus Elite with 105bhp seems pretty tame today but with its weight of 660kg and the handling for which Lotus would become famous, it was more than a match for its contemporaries. Compare it to the Chevy Corvair Monza from 1960. The engine displaced twice as much (140ci vs 74ci for the Lotus), had two extra cylinders (F-6 vs I-4) and yet only produced 80bhp. The 1965 Mustang with the 170ci I-6 engine only produced 101bhp. Comparable British cars like the MGA and Triumph TR3 produced similar outputs but all these cars were considerably heavier than the Elite.

    Lotus' twin-cam conversion of the Ford Pushrod four produced 126bhp in its best form in the mid 60s. By 1972, they'd gotten 140bhp from their conversion of a Vauxhall 2.0 liter four for the Jensen-Healey roadster. After Jensen went away, they put the same engine in the Lotus Esprit. By the time that engine's output peaked in 1995 for the S4S model, it was pushing out 305bhp in 2.2 liter, turbocharged form.

    The s2000 is a heavy car with a respectable engine. an engine that small putting out those kind of N/A numbers in a production car is a rare occurrence, but the praise for the honda stops there.
    The lotus has much more remarkable styling and a suspension that puts most supercars to shame. The lightweight and superstrong chassis is also a thing to admire.
    While it may cost more and is most likely lacking on the creature comforts of the Honda, I would drive it any day of the week, on the track or off.

    I agree with you here.
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    Me likes, i nice change to the old Esprit web shaped body. But i feel the final design wont look like that too much. Cheers for that.

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