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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. *exer / ben fenner
  2. yet to see a sexually attractive pic of her
  3. Because she played a young girl or because she was snatching those people up and raping everybody out there?
  4. Yeah, it's a shame she doesn't dress like a whore or allow her vagina to be pictured during egress like those classier girls.
  5. I don't mean naked, a properly dressed girl with class is more exciting than a naked neighborhood hoe!
  6. not bad
  7. got fordmans attention
  8. Damn right, but still has nothing on Christina Ricci in Miranda.
  9. Good, I don't want you touching her.
  10. She was great in Super.
  11. omg #$%#ing YAWN
  12. Seriously, why is there even a discussion about her.
  13. I dunno

    its a trend for teenagers becoming mans, i.e. hitting on curveless young girls.
  14. I think it's a trend for gays still in the closet.
  16. BREAKING NEWS: girls you find attractive not hot enough for the internet
  17. its not that, I just think that a woman should have some curves

    ok I'd hit, you know that, but she's average at most

    prove me wrong!!
  18. She's not a 10, but she's certainly not a 5 either.

    Pic is for viscous.
  19. shit thats hot

    like rollin up to the catholic all girl highschool hot

    hey bb wanna ride
  20. My ex went to a Catholic high school that didn't have uniforms. I didn't understand the point.
  21. exactly i dont even bother creeping in the bushes outside of THOSE shcools

  22. even with high heels she looks 4'5"
  23. Well some guys do like short girls.
  24. I'm a fan of curves too.
    I think her face is pretty though.

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