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Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by HSVnot4ME, Jun 25, 2003.

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    I wish they could make a place for top speed testing of a car...perfect straight flat road, nothing to hit, all legal etc etc.
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    how about the nullabor
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    ever hit a kangaroo at 270kmh? its not pretty for roo or car. need something a little closer to civilisation
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    i doubt that most cars could reach 270km/h. The fastest i've ever heard of the HSV GTS going is that fast and that has 300 kw V8 (Wheels Speed test: beyond 300). The only cars that were faster than 270km/h cost over $300k such as the: Masseratti, Dodge Viper and Posche Turbo (307km/h) . Most cars these days come with a speed limiter on them.
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    The base model Monaro with 235kw reached 270km/h.
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    Holdens are quick for their price and size. Id take a holden over a Merc any day (price considered). Decent lookers too.
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    with the nullabor, vision would be good so you could see it early. you could also ue one of those supersonic deterent things.
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    supersonic things might work but even if you can see a roo coming theres not a whole lot u can do about it from that speed
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    considering when you double speed, braking distance doubles, from 80km/h it takes about 20 m to stop, so 80 from 160, and 320 from 320km/h

    you would only need to slow down to about 140 to avoid a kangaroo provided the strip was wide enough, and you could easily see a kangaroo at 320m, so it wouldnt be that hard.
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    The Merc SL55 reached 252 km/h in 4th gear with 5 and 6 left in the tank. Now how many cars are there that can do that, remove the speed limiter and it would be faster than the 911 Turbo and 427 Monaro. Ha, yeah right, a Holden over a Merc, hahaha.
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    the SL55 is only a 5 speed, so it only has one gear left.

    the sl55 isn't a sports car, it weighs 2 tonnes. i heard that it will run to 324km/h with the limiter removed though, which is nothing to sneeze at.
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    It may weigh 2 tonnes, but it has a sub 5 sec 0-100 (4.7 - proven)

    Also, the E55 was rated the fastest 4 door Saloon in the world, surpassing the BMW M5. Mercs are not something to be ignored in terms of performance, and with the SLR supercar on the boards, you couldn't possibly ignore them.
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    there are plenty of cars which do 0-100 in 4.7, for example a jap model Sti, 911 carrera 2, and many other cars costing much less.

    I think the E55 was surpassed by the Audi RS6, and it will almost certainly be surpassed by the new M5, with a V10.

    The SLR supercar is also a lot slower than many other supercars, like the carrera gt, enzo, or veyron
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    that things a freak but i still wouldnt buy one, they look like any other merc from the untrained eye so most people wont think its anything special which isnt good when you have spent so much on one of the worlds fastest cars. its to heavy as well
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    Yeah I don't like the weight of the thing. If it were around 1600kg it would be awesome. Good to see companies finally supercharging V8's from the factory regularly. Would love to see Holden doing something like that to the LS1.
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    Need i remind you of its performance, 0-100 in 4.7 lots of lighter cars can't even get under 5 sec, especially HSV's. The only bad thing about it being heavier is momentum, and if it can counteract this problem then there is really no problem.
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    same here, ive seen aftermarket ones reaching 500kw with few internal modifications so even getting a reliable 400kw cant be to hard out of a blown ls1
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    it sure isn't slow, but it isnt that fast either. there are many cars costing much less that go that fast.
    basically with a merc you are spending your money on being able to customise the car, the workmanship and the luxury, not the performance
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    Actually, if the speed limiter is removed (voiding the waranty at the same time though) the SL55 would be faster than the 911 Turbo. Now imagine the Brabus 7.0L V12 version of this (Brabus also do a V12 version of the E55 and its something to be marveled at). Apart from the upcoming SLR, these two are Mercs fastest cars, and they are fast. Sure they may cost more than the average house, but if I had that much money to spend on a car, i wouldn't think twice about getting one. Just remember that the 5.5L AMG Kompressor engine was recently voted Engine of the year, these engines are very good. Not only do they have great build quality in terms of engine, they also has great interiors too. You have to take into account that these are not "bang for your bucks" cars loike holdens and they are considered "luxury sports". They are in a different league and there is really no comparrison to be made between the SL55 and Holdens, pardon me for making the comparrison, but i was just pointing out that Mercs do have better performing cars than Holden and are faster.
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    there barely faster around a race track than a hsv. and i would much rather take either a house or something that looked different for that money. the fast mercs look to similar and dont stand out saying it is fast and worth a lot more money than the cheap ones. so if i had the money then a ferrari or lamborghini would be my pick
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    Mercs styling is more based on subtle contemperary designing than the huge body kits that holden have
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    which make them look way to much like the stock, cheaper and slower versions. if you have something fast it should look faster than an average performing car its based off
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    For the price of one, you may as well buy an S Class or a 7 Series and something like a GTR or a WRX STi and modify it, with change left to put in a tennis court or a new ski boat

    The 7 will take care of more mundane duties, while either a modded GTR or an STi will be far quicker and more involving to drive
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    true, but the 7 series are but ugly, more like the 5 series with the M body kit and mags, then sometihng like an EVO VIII ontop of that, good combination, and plus the 7 series and S series is more for being driven in rather than driving them yourself

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