Engine Swap in my EF Civic Sedan.

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Finger Eleven, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Okay, so I have a couple options.

    I can get a low km JDM SOHC ZC swapped in with new tranny, parts, labor, everything for $1500.

    Or I can buy the motor and parts for 750 bucks and try to do it myself...

    Or, another guy is selling a D16a6 for 120 bucks. 210,000km on it, comes with everything.

    Now, do I want something kind of cool? Or do I just want the #$%#ing thing back on the road?

    Either this, or I can try and sell the car for 500 bucks or something and buy another car...
  2. LS7

    If not, the d16 sounds cool.
  3. It's a tough call. The JDM motor's millage is probably BS. But a new transmission and running car for $1,500 is a hard deal to pass up

  4. I'd definately try and make it something special. There's not that many EF Civics even on the road anymore. If you have alot of cash, a KA20 or KA24 would be awesome.
  5. He doesn't have any money you n00b
  6. KA24DEs are awesome...
  7. Chances are, the jdm ZC has under 100k on it. They'll say it has 30, but whatever hah.

    Yeah, I think I might opt for that swap. Get them to fix some surface rust and toss on some coilovers while they're at it.
  8. What is special about an EF?
  9. An SR20 would pull it to race wars, premium.
  10. you can't polish a turd...

    ...says the man who owns a 20 year old volvo. lulz
  11. Nothing "special".

    I think they're the best looking Civic, though.
  13. What's wrong with the engine that's in it?
  14. Slipped a bearing and threw a rod through the block.
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  16. EFs are one of, if not, the lightest bodied civics and were the first generation of civic to use the b16a dohc vtec
  17. If you want to stay Honda, D16.
  18. lolol
  19. CVCC>All Other Civics
  20. So some guy just offered to swap in a D17y7 from a 96 EK with 160k on the motor, full swap including labor for 500 bucks...

    Either that, or he can do a JDM D15 or DOHC ZC for 4-800 bucks plus 400 to install.
  21. ZC's a pretty good motor. I had one in my CRX and it loved to rev and sounded pretty good doing it.
  22. Word up, my old CRX Si had one I think. Just the SOHC, though.

    DOHC has 126hp, If I'm not mistaken. My little sedna would have some get up and go with that extra juice.
  23. someone google image "ef civic"

  24. I didn't realise you had a CRX too. I had an ex-Japan '88 Si. It was so much fun to drive, but mine was a pile of shit. I'd really like to get my hands on an SiR sometime though. Or just buy one with #$%#ed running geat and make it a project.
  25. The jdm Si's go hard for what they are. I had a flatmate who was surprised just how hard it went for a little car.
    Good luck getting a good condition EF SiR thats not going to cost the earth

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