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  1. this car produces 178hp from a s litre engine, whilst the engine from the Caterham Blackbird/Westfield Mega Bird is a 1.1 litre, with 170 hp. this engine needs reviewing.

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  2. Re: engine?

    Your knowledge in engines, cars and the car industry need reviewing. I'll give you pointers: Ever heard of "non-racing cars", "economy cars", "turbochargers", "two-stroke engines"?
  3. Re: engine?

    It is a bike engine , a 1.3L , not a 1.1L , it uses the engine of the Hayabusa.

    The torque has nothing in common , and no use to talk about reliability...
  4. Re: engine?

    needs better performance 2 be a perfect car
  5. Re: engine?

    no no no, this cars power is adequate enough, it has great power-to-weight, perfect handling, with its lightweight mid inline 4 config. Gobloads of torque as its a diesel and does 60mpg! Oh and can seat 4 people

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