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  1. anyone know what was done to the engine to produce the extra power?
  2. they made it more powerful
  3. they made it more powerful
  4. Really ??? They probably made a free flowing exhaust, added even sharper cams and maybe upped the compression a bit...
  5. thanks!

    now i know everything!
  6. thanks!

    now i know everything!
  7. I have a question. wut is chain-driven dohc and gear-driven dohc
  8. You can make this Enzo-engine as powerfull as you'd want, the only problem is: How can you make a car which can handle this power AND drive 100.000 miles with it AND meet emission standards. This car is probably less reliable than the Enzo. Porsche once said they could have given the CGT over 800 bhp, if they ignored the latest Euro-emission standards.
    And 'The need to be', chain-driven dohc means the car has Double Over-Headed Camshafts, which means it has two camshafts per row of cilinders, which are on top of the cilinders. Chain-driven means the distribution goes by chain, gear-driven means it goes by gears.

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