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  1. Lada Niva with Ferrari V12
  2. miata with rotary, 2jz into single cab tacoma, lsx into anything, lt5 and irs into late gen camaro, dohc 2004 cobra motor into factory five cobra kit, 5.4 lightning motor into single cab ranger, old 300zx with r34 motor, etc, etc
  3. One of these:

    Lotus Exige Mk1 - RSTV8
    Ford RS200 - SBF or OSG RB31dett
    BMW M1 - BMW S65
  4. Excellent choices. +5
  5. 500 with a Ducati 999R engine.
    Mini with a B18 GSR
    Z06 with an S2000 engine (lol)
  6. *the rotary from the RX-8
  7. I want a GSX-R1000 powered Smart Roadster.
  8. Zonda S with Mclaren F1 LM engine
  9. Why L88, why not the ZL1?
  10. 993 Twin Turbo motor in a Beetle.
    E60 V8 in an E30
    LS2 in a Datsun 510
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    Lancia Thesis with a Ferrari 430 V8?
  12. Exactly <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  13. Mk. 1 Ford Capri with twin (2) suzuki gsx-r 1300cc ehgines, mounted in a vee formation, and possibly twin turbos.

    No, definitely twin turbos

  14. OK, I have an other one, Uaz with Vw's 5 liter V10 diesel
  15. Enzo with a K20A
  16. because it was off the top of my head and i forgot about that one. that ZL1 Camaro is so nice. good call.
  17. z06 with a VW tdi engine

    E30 M3 with the v10 TDi motor.
  18. Z06 C6 with a B16A motor... sleeper like whoa
  19. Man i wish i had my Z back, but with the LT1 and T56 out of my T/A

    A ranger with a really mean windsor smallblock and lots of suspention travel.
  20. LS7 in a RX7!
  21. veyron engine on dirtbike
  22. FWD LS7 RX7
  23. a mini pickup with 2 bike engines
  24. Dodge Viper with a solar panel
  25. dodge viper with b16a, with a 4 speed automatic

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