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  1. 8.0 Liter W16 from a Veyron in a Honda Civic. Think of the wheelspin!
  2. veyron W-16 in a elise. oh yea
  3. There are SO many conversions I want to do....
    heres a couple though

    LS7 in a HK Monaro
    Rotary in an old Mini
    Barra 240T (XR6 Turbo engine) in a 2008 Mustang
    997 911 Turbo or F430 engine in a Delorean
    Dodge Viper V10 in a Valiant Charger
    LS7 in an R34 GTR
    Diablo 6.0L V12 in a late 70s Corvette Stingray
    Some sort of carburetted big block, making crazy hp, in a brand new Commodore
  4. I want one of those V8s made from two motorcycle engines in a Noble M400.
  5. countless engines i would love to put in a mini, vauxhall C20XE, honda b16, r1 or hayabusa engine
  6. 4.0L W8 twin turbo or 2.7L twin turbo from old RS4 in a Corrado.
    Olso i think a Jet engine in any car would be nice.. with a couple of parachutes of course..<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  7. Rolls Royce Merlin in a Silver Cloud.
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  10. yeah it will be, i havn't seen any updates for a while though, would like to know how the project is going. it would be such a laugh to drive though
  11. it would be awesome to drive. although with the car being a rover I have an image of him trying to give it for the first time and the engine just going around in the compartment.
  12. BMW 7-series E32 with the 335d engine.
  13. CTS-V with an LS7
  14. I saw a uno turbo with Yamaha r1 engine, it sounded pretty sweet but i would do the same to a 500 probably
  15. a Camaro with a Ford 5.4L engine.
  16. S-class estate with AMG's 7,3 litre engine.
  17. Can't believe no one has mentioned the obvious: stuffing a 997TT engine in the Cayman just to see what would happen / piss off Porsche.

    Some others:
    Ferrari V12 in a Maser QP
    Conti GT's W12 in a Audi R8
    Porsche 3.6TT flat-6 in the back of a Mini
    Ferrari F430 V8 in a Lotus Exige
    Zonda F's AMG V12 in a Mercedes-Benz SL or SLR

  18. 1961-1964 Lincoln Continental with the 4.2 TDi engine from Audi/VAG

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